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Online Backup

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CDI Online Backup (CDOB)

Improve IT resiliency with CDI's cloud backup services. CDI offers encrypted online backup services for Laserfiche needs and everything else. Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and virtual server backups are all supported.

Ideal for organizations that want to:

Develop or enhance a disaster recovery plan

Enhance AND simplify their IT footprint

Archive to WORM/immutable format

Create redundancy in backup plan

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CDOB – Server/ File Level Backup

CDI’s File Level Backup is our most popular backup option. This solution is ideal for organizations looking to backup their Laserfiche Server, MS SQL Server database and Volumes. CDOB is fast to setup, conservative on bandwidth and easy to manage.

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Users looking to meet the needs of Write Once Read Many,  “WORM” storage can look to CDI for their online archive needs. CDOB writes to immutable, WORM formats. Like File Level Backup, setting up WORM is fast and easy to manage.

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CDOB Backup Target (BT)

Organizations looking to backup many servers, VMWare, HyperV, SQL Server, Sharepoint or even Microsoft Office 365 can utilize the CDOB Backup Target to capture and store online backups of VM Servers and more. Backup locations can even include Azure, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive and Wasabi.

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VEEAM Backup Target (BT)

VEEAM Backup Targets are ideal for customers already using VEEAM. A Backup Target allows users to extend your local backups to the cloud seamlessly. CDI is a certified VEEAM Backup Target for your VEEAM repositories. Let CDI assist you in configuring your VEEAM Backup Enterprise Manager to use a Backup Target in the cloud.


daily backup

Daily backup reporting

Cloud Backup

Incremental nightly backups of critical data

256 bit

256-bit encryption

Cloud Services

Save to S3, Azure or Wasabi Cloud

Restore files

Restore files for up to 30 days

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Managed Detection Response

You can strengthen your cloud security with CDI’s cybersecurity monitoring solution (MDR) that detects threats and provides rapid response 24/7.

Ideal for organizations that want to:
  • Monitor their IT environment for threats and security notices
  • Prepare for and respond to inevitable cybersecurity attacks on their network
  • Implement a tailored solution that dynamically evolves to combat cyber threats
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