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Happy Holidays Everyone

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season and a joyful New Year. Best wishes from your friends at CDI.

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Let’s face it; paper is probably never going away completely. During this webinar, Kyle will walk through how to manage physical records using your Laserfiche system. Be prepared to learn the best physical records management practices, use barcodes in Laserfiche, and incorporate Laserfiche mobile.

Training: Adding Physical Records Management to Laserfiche
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Most software updates and hotfixes accompany an X.1 or X.2 release with each change. However, Laserfiche has incorporated thirteen separate sets of updates and hotfixes over several months. Laserfiche did not wait for an official 11.1 version to fix the problems addressed by users and developers. This means that the current roll-up release contains all the hotfixes that would normally be labeled 11.1 by Laserfiche. If your organization has been waiting on an 11.1 release you might consider the current roll-up release instead.

Laserfiche 11 Update Release Strategy
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List of Changes for WebLink 11
Products: WebLink 11