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Laserfiche's New Learning platform, Aspire - Coming Soon! Action Required for Importing Transcripts.

In early 2020, a new fully redesigned learning platform, Aspire, will be launched. Aspire will provide an exceptional virtual learning experience. Specifically designed with our users in mind, below are a few highlights:

  • Intuitive navigation that makes it easy to discover new courses

  • Robust user education content so you will always find something new

  • A modern design that creates an enjoyable experience

IMPORTANT - Laserfiche will be importing transcripts for users who have logged into the current Laserfiche Certification platform sometime in the last two years. They encourage you to log into your portal before the end of the year so that they can make sure to transfer your transcript and course records to the new system, Aspire. Click here to login now and make sure your records are transferred.

Laserfiche Learning & Development is committed to providing you, our valued users, an exceptional online learning experience. We hope you enjoy our new platform, Aspire!

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