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CDI Employee Spotlight - Bryan Rose

Each month the CDI Employee Spotlight showcases individual CDI staff members, highlighting not only their tireless work contributions but also who they are as a person.

This month’s spotlight is focused on CDI's Software Support Engineer, Bryan Rose.

Kelsey John, Client Service Coordinator - CDI Employee Spotlight
Bryan Rose, CDI Software Support Engineer

How long has Bryan been at CDI, and what responsibilities does he have?

Bryan Rose started at CDI in August of 2019 as a Software Support Engineer and is excited to hit his upcoming year mark with the company. His role is to assist our clients when they have any problems with their products or Laserfiche and to help them find a solution in an efficient manner. Bryan is assigned cases as they come in, and then reaches out to clients one by one to make sure their needs are taken care of.

About Bryan

He has lived in Minnesota his entire life, traveling the state to go to school at Winona State University, and then again to Twin Cities to work at CDI. Bryan has a beagle named Bella that he enjoys hanging out with. He also enjoys watching sports and is a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan. One of his passions is technology, seeing new developments and how they change and shape the world around us. He has picked up a new quarantine hobby by learning chess. He said it’s tricky, but fun to learn.

What are 3 items on Bryan's desk and why are they there?

Bryan’s work life hasn’t changed too much since COVID has us all working from home, he said that he was originally working in the office five days a week but has quickly adjusted to working from home and he enjoys it. He keeps his usual items by his desk: a water bottle to stay hydrated and keep his energy levels high, a stress ball to stay focused, and a blanket to stay warm and comfortable.

What is the best part of Bryan's job?

He loves learning all the new features and integrations that our software provides us and challenges himself to learn each one as they come out, along with the more complex ones that aren’t used as often. Bryan enjoys his colleagues and how everyone works as a team. There is a lot of comradery across departments which makes it easy to reach out for any internal assistance. He said one of the more challenging aspects of his job is coming across issues he hasn’t seen before, such as new error messages. He will sometimes have to learn with the client and reach out to Laserfiche for guidance on fixing the problem. He enjoys the opportunity to learn new things to be more knowledgeable for the future.

We hope you've enjoyed learning more about another one of our wonderful support staff. With over 700+ organization trusting and depending on CDI for service and support, investing deeply in smart, knowledgeable, and personable employees is what makes CDI stand out from the competition.

If you need additional help or support, email us at, or call us at 855.714.2800, Ext 1.

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