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CDI Employee Spotlight - Jenn LeMere

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Each month the CDI Employee Spotlight showcases individual CDI staff members, highlighting not only their tireless work contributions but also who they are as a person.

This month’s spotlight has CDI's Account Manager, Jenn LeMere, shining bright on center stage.

Kelsey John, Client Service Coordinator - CDI Employee Spotlight
Jenn LeMere, CDI Account Manager

How long has Jenn been at CDI, and what responsibilities does she have?

Jenn has been with CDI for two-plus years as an Account Manager, or as she calls it a “Client Relationship Manager.” Her role is to ensure that clients are happy with the services provided by CDI, and ensure clients are up to date with Laserfiche and CDI’s offerings. She also helps them leverage Laserfiche to make sure they are receiving the maximum outcome from the product.

About Jenn

Jenn used to live in California but ended up moving back to the Midwest to be near family. She loves having all four seasons, but still isn’t a huge fan of winter. Jenn loves nature and being outdoors. She even has a cabin where she spends some of her time. It is tucked away in the woods by two rivers that meet up, which brings all sorts of wildlife. She loves watching the deer, turkey, and pheasants. Sometimes bear wander through the cabin land but she is very grateful they stay away. Included in her passion for nature, is a love of birds. She keeps feeders outside to attract them and loves watching them all come in. It’s a special day when a new breed of bird makes an appearance at her feeders. Jenn also has a pollinator garden at her house (see photo). She loves how much work these pollinators put in to keep flowers blooming and crops growing, so she plants native perennial flowers for them. She sees a lot of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees and is always making additions to keep them coming back.

Is there anything clients wouldn’t believe or would be surprised to know about Jenn?

A fun fact about Jenn is that she is super handy! She built her first house, though she let the professionals handle the main structure, plumbing, and electricity. She did everything else including the ceilings, walls, and building the cabinetwork by hand. Though she no longer lives there, she utilizes her handiness by doing renovations on her cabin and helping others.

What are 3 items on Jenn's desk and why are they there?

On her work desk, Jenn keeps a red stapler as a memento from the movie Office Space. She loves the humor in it, and always goes to it when she needs a laugh. She keeps a candle by her desk, it smells good and brings a sense of calmness to her busy days. Jenn’s favorite desktop item is her sand art, as a pretty reminder that things can always be shaken up and changed when they need to be.

What is the best part of Jenn's job?

Jenn's favorite part of her job is her clients. Over the last two years, she has built great relationships with them. Jenn is always looking out for their best interest and helping them improve business processes and planning. Part of that is making sure they are using the products they need and elevating them to other products when she thinks they would benefit from them. Jenn loves how close she’s become with her clients; she has a true passion for working for people and making their lives easier.

Thank you, Jenn! Jenn does an amazing job and is a precious asset for both CDI and CDI's clientele.

If you need additional help or support, email us at, or call us at 855.714.2800, Ext 1.

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