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  • CDI | Laserfiche For Credit Unions

    Credit Unions Introduction to CDI Vision Suite > Let's Get Started Credit Union & Banking ECM Solutions ​ In today’s drive to always deliver bette r member and client services, Electronic Content Management, “ECM,” has become a necessity. Whether your needs revolve around improved l oan workflows, teller services, or member engagement, CDI has solutions to improve your content management. CDI’s Vision Suite integrates with the ECM solution, Laserfiche, and most core data processing systems. The Vision Suite ​ The Vision Suite offers one-click lookup of primary or joint owners’ IDs, membership cards, or documentation. Scan IDs at the teller window or capture Windows or core processor print strea ms. Easily index IDs by read ing barcodes when scanning. Check 21 Solution ​ Teller Scanning – Scan single checks or batches to balance with each transaction. Capture MICR, CAR & LAR amounts with automated and manual verification options. Import deposit checks from ATMs, ITMs, and RDC. Automatically store balance reports for the teller, branch, or institution prior to generating your cash letter. Automatic cash letter submission with most clearing institutions. Import received and cleared checks into Laserfiche using standard formats such as X9.37. ​ ​ Receive – Import inclearing items to your repository from the FRB, generate a summary report, and create MICR/ACH posting files for your core system. ​ ​ Return – Mark inclearing checks for return to BOFD and create return a cash letter file for submission to the FRB. ​ ​ IRD Reprint – Allow printing of legal document replacements, return to the institution of first deposit once final NSF is complete. ​ ​ Advanced Fraud Early Warning – Enable real-time fraud lookup through Vision Check 21 integration (requires subscription). ​ ​ Merchant Capture – Enable business customers to scan and deposit checks from offices and submit to their financial institution with an Image Cash Letter (ICL). Check 21 Forward - NSF and fraud detection DocStream Manage document packages and track the collection to completion. The application is used to track percentage of completion of loan packages, new account openings and even human resource onboarding documents. Use pre-built templates with to-do lists or ad-hoc packages. A dashboard shows real-time package status. MA R S Archive & retrieve COLD data from computer-generated reports, statements and invoices. Capture, index and archive directly into Laserfiche. Apply graphical overlays to enhance the readability of green-bar re ports . Receipt Capture Sy stem The cash matrix b al ances t ellers’ cash with each transaction. It provides the option of receiving an emailed receipt, with al l account numbers automatically masked. Integration with Vision Check 21 to combine receipts and checks into a single document for research and member lookup. It offers touchless authorization by sending a text message for members to acknowledge and sign electronically during cashback requests at drive-thru or call centers. DocStream - track loan package progress Receipt Capture System - email or text receipt with biometric capture Laser Check Capture Laser print checks on blank check stock with signatures (cashi er’s checks, money orders, etc.). Allows granular control over authorization limits and remote approval of checks. You may also create core and user-generated loan coupons along with certificate renewal notices. Signature Pad Marke ting Manage and display color m arketing graphics and messages on your color s ignature pads. Member Portal​ Client or employe e document portal for quick document access of receipts, checks statements, or other documents. The portal interface is customizable and secured with enhanced security. It may be hosted locally, through a CDI hosted interface, and accessed through third-party home banking solutions. Ready to start? Request a Quote Today! Contact our team to streamline your organization. Our skilled team is ready to help! Contact Us Or call 855-714-2800, ext. 2 Government & Municipalities

  • CDI | Laserfiche Toronto, Canada

    Toronto Helping Toronto go paperless since 2001 > Let's Get Started Toronto's Leading Laserfiche Provider Meet CDI #1 Laserfiche Provider in Toronto, Canada ​ CDI is your leading Laserfiche services provider specializing in Records Man agement deployment, Project Management, and third-party integration. CDI has been a Laserfiche VAR for over 20 y ears and has completed the most challenging ECM projects throughout the USA, Canada, and int ernationally. You can find CDI’s solutions on the Laserfiche Marketplace , including the most popular integrations for ArcGIS, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Dynamics. CDI helps you Take Information Further. Laserfiche Soft ware Solutions for All ​ For more than thirty years customers have been trusting Laserfiche with the security and storage of their content. With clients in more than forty countries and more than 36,000 clients in total, Electronic Content Management and Laserfiche have become a formidable competitor in the marketplace. Laserfiche offers a complete suite of products including business process automation, workflow, records management (DOD 5015.2 Certification), document imaging, e-forms, and a robust API. Learn More Support You Can Count On CDI’s Laserfiche Support Team includes experienced, Gold and Platinum-certified Laserfiche technicians in your area. The Support Team offers the latest in industry-specific compliance knowledge, best practices, and architecture. The goal of every support request is helping to quickly and easily troubleshoot unexpected issues, provide prompt answers to software questions and treat every client with patience and understanding. Learn More Consulting G uided by Experts The consulting services provided by CDI range from exploratory to post-implementation. You’ll experience leading direction, design, and documentation of new or revised pr ocesses. Through improved capture, management & dissemination of your information, your organization will see faster ROI working with CDI. ​ Project Planning System Design Custom Training Project Management Procedural Design Workflow & Form Design Learn More Training Knowled ge & Confidence The efficiencies and benefits gained when going paperless are undeniable, but onboarding and adoption with existing staff can sometimes have its challenges. Trust the professional training staff at CDI to carefully and mindfully help guide your staff through their paper-to-paper transition . ​ Online Training Workshops & User Groups Free Monthly Training Webinars Introductory & Advanced Courses ​ Learn More Development Without Barriers Every document management solution is unique and may require a little to a lot of customization. Integrating and unifying systems can create even greater effici ency and make your overall solution that much more powerful. At CDI, our team of in-house developers are available to make your document management system friendly to all users and powerful to all administrators. ​ Integrations Custom Development Scripting Conversion ​ ​ Learn More Digital Signatures Made Easy What good is having a paperless office if you are still gathering physical signatures? CDI provides organizations with the freedom to quickly and efficiently gather digital signatures. With a combination of Laserfiche software, CDI integrations, and DocuSign, our digital signa ture solutions can automate and streamline the signature procurement process with the use of email notification s, automated workflow activities, and automatic document archiving. Learn More Hosting in the Cloud CDI’s cloud hosting services allow organizations to lower operating costs, achieve infinite scalability, and improve integration compatibil ity by moving their server to the cloud. CDI will manage necessa ry updates as they become available and will ensure your server achieves maximum uptime. Best of all, your organization will have a single point of contact for both your hosting and general Laserfiche needs. As with all services provided by CDI, the hosting service is competitive and secure. CDI has the experience and know-how to ensure your server is being managed optimally. ​ Learn More Backup for the Unex pected ​ For Toronto organizations looking to achieve true disaster recovery-ready status, CDI offers a quick and easy way to implement online backup services for all your day-to-day files. Nightly backups of network drives, databases, Exchange, SharePoint, Lotus, and Oracle are transmitted directly in an encrypted format with a daily post-backup statistic email update. 24-hour hotline and emergency remote Laserfiche available. ​ Learn More Hardware to get the Job Done ​ CDI is proud to be a Canon Premier Partner , offering high-speed document scanning solutions. Whether you are looking for a high-speed, personal-use scanner for your desk, or a high-capacity, high-speed departmental or workgroup document scanner for your office, let the scanning hardware pros at CDI help you select the high-speed scanner that’s perfect for you. Learn More Ready to start? Request a Quote Today! Contact our team to go paperless. Our skilled team is ready to help! Contact Us Or call 855-714-2800, ext. 2

  • CDI | Laserfiche Webinars

    Webinars Learn directly from our experts > Welcome to Our Webinar Library Each month our sales and consulting team hosts webinars and Q&A sessions covering several Laserfiche topics. These sessions are completely free for all our customers and anyone interested in our services. Please browse through our current webinars and register for as many as you like. You can also find our past webinars recorded and available on our CDI YouTube Channel . ​ You can stay up to date on our webinars by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. To subscribe contact or visit our newsletter page HERE . Upcoming Webinars Tue, May 28 The Growth of Digital Signature & Records Management Challenges / Webinar Register Now May 28, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT Join CDI and see how your contracts automatically populate, route and signed digitally. See how this important document becomes a record in Laserfiche automatically with retention & metadata. Share Thu, Jun 13 Graduating from User to Developer - A Tour of the Laserfiche API & SDK / CDI Webinar Register Now Jun 13, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT Join CDI to learn how to decide between the API and the SDK when building an integration. There are significant differences and benefits with each route. Let us help you decide which way to go. Share Tue, Jun 25 Graduating to a Mobile Platform - Mobile Document Management / CDI Webinar Register Now Jun 25, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT Details will soon be available. Share Thu, Jul 11 Declaration of a Record - Can you do this Independently? / CDI Webinar Register Now Jul 11, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT Join CDI to learn how declaring something a record and changing office practices/procedures may be harder than you think. Share Thu, Aug 08 Don’t Get Grilled - Know Who Did What & Where in Laserfiche / CDI Webinar Register Now Aug 08, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT Join CDI to learn what and where you can be prepared with in the event of an inquisition! Share Thu, Sep 12 Leaf it Alone - Controlling Your User Settings with Attributes / CDI Webinar Register Now Sep 12, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT Join CDI to learn how to control what your users see and what they can do in Laserfiche. Share Past Webinars Title Date & Time Mayday Mayday, We Have an Emergency - What to do in Laserfiche THU, May 9, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT Watch Now The Rebirth of Workflow - Using Business Processes to Automate Your Team TUE, April 30, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT Watch Now Brighten Somebody’s Day, Use Color in Laserfiche THU, April 11, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT Watch Now Going Green - Ways to Eliminate Waste in Your Office TUE, MARCH 26, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT Watch Now It’s Time to Go Green - Tips to Help Reduce Paper for THAT user THU, MARCH 14, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT Watch Now Looking for Love & Connection? Look no further than the API & SDK TUE, FEBRUARY 27, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT Watch Now CDI Webinar Library View More

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  • Copy of Small Code, Big Impact Vol. 3 (Laserfiche Forms)

    Fiche Tips: Small Code, Big Impact Vol. 3 (Laserfiche Forms) Most internet pages you go to have a document title applied to them, which is displayed as text on the tab. You can see that in the video there is a page opened called Digital Transformation Plan. It's about Laserfiche 12 and Empower. You know what that is because it's labeled. But other tabs just say new submission. If you built a Laserfiche Form before, you know these are form pages; it just says new submission. Which form is this new submission for? You don't know what this one or this one is. But then you see a tab in the video that says memos and another that says project updates. So, how do you do that? It’s Simple! All you need to do is add a bit of jQuery code. So, if you go to the CSS and JavaScript on your form and add this little bit of code, whatever you type here as the document title will show up in that tab. jQuery Code: $ (document).ready(function() { document.title=“memos”; }); And it's as simple as that. CDI NEWSLETTER Stay updated with all the latest Laserfiche news, CDI webinars, blogs, and more! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

  • Hopping Around Too Much in Laserfiche? Let Shortcuts Help

    By Kyle Knebel April 2024 Consultants Corner In the Laserfiche Windows client and Web client, Laserfiche supports the use of Shortcuts and Starred entries.  This gives you quick access to folders or documents that might be otherwise buried in a deep folder structure. Using shortcuts is your best bet when aiming for efficient use of your time. Let’s take a look! Scenario 1: Creating shortcuts on your desktop of your PC and Favorites in the web browser makes the folder structure easier to access and file documents. Did you know that when using the Laserfiche Windows client, you can drag a drop a folder shortcut onto your Windows desktop, such that clicking on it will launch Laserfiche and take you to that entry? Here’s how: Find a folder that you want to have as a link on your Desktop. Click and drag it out of the repository, onto the Desktop. A shortcut will appear.  It will have a “. lfe” extension on the name, as shown in the image below. For those using the Laserfiche Web Client, bookmarks can be made to link to any folder or document in the repository. Here’s how: Navigate to your selected entry, then use your browser’s “Save as Bookmark” feature. For most browsers, the keyboard combination CTRL+D will create the bookmark, allowing you to rename it and place it in a list or Toolbar. Google Chrome has the “star” icon on the URL bar, allowing you to create the bookmark as well. The bookmark links to the repository and EntryID of the bookmarked entry. In the example image below, the folder link is connected to the folder with entry ID=26211. You can edit the bookmark name and browser folder location to your preferences, using the browser’s “Manage Bookmarks” feature. Consult your browser’s help file if you need additional help. Scenario 2: Creating shortcuts within the repository. Within the Laserfiche Windows client or Web client, you can create shortcuts. This method is beneficial because it can provide access to a document or folder buried in a nested subfolder structure without having the parent folder access. We sometimes refer to this as “tunneling.”  Note: This tunnel method does require some additional security settings, which are outside the scope of this article. To create a shortcut in the Windows client, right-click on the entry and choose “Copy.” Navigate to the folder where you want to drop the shortcut and click “Paste Shortcut.” To create a shortcut in the Web Client, right-click on the entry you want to make into a shortcut and choose “Move or Copy.” Next, select the “Copy shortcut” option, as highlighted in the image below, and then use the blue hyperlinked folder path to navigate to your target folder. The path you see in blue is where the shortcut will be made. Finally, click the “Paste” button to create the shortcut. Scenario 3: Using Workflow to create shortcuts to a personalized subfolder structure. A Laserfiche Workflow can make folder shortcuts for us, creating a more organized, consistent set of links. For example, if you had several project folders, but wanted them visible in your personal folder, a workflow could do this automatically. The activity to be used in Laserfiche Workflow could either be the “Route Entry to Folder” activity or the “Move Entry” activity.  Both have a copy option. Below is an example image of some project folders being created within a folder. Folder names can be created using all sorts of dynamically created names, based on metadata or other information within Laserfiche. Scenario 4: “Transparent Records Management” allows users to use traditional record series and yet still have an organized subfolder structure with mixed record series. For those Laserfiche environments using Laserfiche’s Records Series instead of the newer concept of “Flexible Records Management,” the use of shortcuts pointing back to a Records Series, or a Records Folder, is quite useful. Best Practice for “Transparent Records Management”, also known as “TRM”, is to utilize Laserfiche Workflows to build the shortcuts that link back to the Records Folders or Records Series. However, you can manually create your shortcuts, as I mentioned above in Scenario 2. For those using Laserfiche’s Records Management edition, you may be filing document records that have different retention periods, even though they all relate to one individual, or one project. To see the documents in a single normal folder structure, instead of in several records folders, we can use shortcuts. In the example below, there are two different folders for Jane Doe, but they also have different life-cycles.  In other words, documents in one of the series need to be retained only for 6 years, but other documents in the second series are retained for the life of the company.  Both files need to be accessible by staff who are not necessarily going to view the “Records Series” structure, and therefore need another way to see the folders and documents they need, all in a single folder. We can see that shortcuts are found in the “_TRM – Doe, Jane” folder, even though they really exist in a different area. This concludes this month’s review of a few Laserfiche shortcut methods.  With so many options for the use of shortcuts, even the Easter bunny can easily hop to a Laserfiche folder or document. We hope you found this tip informative and useful! CDI NEWSLETTER Stay updated with all the latest Laserfiche news, CDI webinars, blogs, and more! Facebook | Instagram | X (Twitter) | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

  • Small Code, Big Impact Vol. 2 (Laserfiche Forms)

    Fiche Tips: Small Code, Big Impact Vol. 2 (Laserfiche Forms) CDI wants to show you a little piece of code from the classic designer in Forms. This little piece of code can make a big difference in the appearance of your forms. Now don’t be intimidated because the word “code” was mentioned. If you have built a Laserfiche form before, we promise that you can implement this in minutes. Let’s say you have a Laserfiche form for employee onboarding. It looks okay, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could place some of those fields side by side so that you’re making use of the forms horizontal space versus a long vertical form. We can! So, how do we do that? If we go to our layout view and go to CSS and JavaScript, you’ll see that there are two bits of code. One for when you want to have two lines side by side, and one when you want to have three lines. Copy the ThreePerLine CSS class and go back to your layout. For each field you want to have side by side, click Edit, then Advanced, and then add the copied class to the CSS class field. Then click Save, and after saving, select Preview. You’ll see that all of the selected fields are side by side. You can do this in as many fields as you like within the form. That is for today, thank you so much and we’ll see you next time! CDI NEWSLETTER Stay updated with all the latest Laserfiche news, CDI webinars, blogs, and more! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

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