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  • CDI | Online Backup Services

    Online Backup Backup services you can trust > Backup Today CDI Online Backup (CDOB) ​ Improve IT resiliency with CDI's cloud backup services. CDI offers encrypted online backup serv ices for Laserfiche needs and e verything else. Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and virtual server backups are all supported. Ideal for organizations that w ant to: Develop or enhance a disaster recovery plan Enhance AND simplify their IT footprint Archive to WORM/immutable format Create redundancy in backup plan Features Daily backup reporting 256-bit en cryption Incremental nightly backups of critical data Save to S3, Az ure or Wasabi Cloud Restore files for up to 30 days Managed Detection Response You can strengthen your cloud security with CDI’s cybersecurity monitoring solution (MDR) that detects threats and provides rapid response 24/7. Ideal for organizations that want to: ​ Monitor their IT environment for threats and security notices Prepare for and respond to inevitable cyber security attacks on their network Implement a tailored solution that dynamically evolves to combat cyber threats Learn More Ready to start? Request a Quote Today! Contact our team to take your organization to the cloud. Our skilled team is ready to help! Contact Us Or call 855-714-2800, ext. 2 Online Hosting

  • CDI | Laserfiche Experts, Sales & Support

    Explore Our Cloud Services Move Your Office to the Cloud Get Started Top Homepage Nav Never miss the latest CDI news or webinars. Join our Newsletter today. Subscribe LEADING PROVIDER OF OFFICE AUTOMATION & EFFICIENCY TAKE INFORMATION FURTHER Expertise knowledge & resources for success > EXPERTISE LASERFICHE SOLUTIONS Learn More CLOUD SERVICES Learn More MDR SERVICES Learn More RECORDS MANAGEMENT Learn More Awards + Certifications moving forward with confidence > Industries knowledge & experience to excel > FINANCIAL LEARN MORE GOVERNMENT LEARN MORE INDUSTRIES Working with the Best learn how great companies & municipalities are already using CDI > Workshops & Webinars check out our upcoming in-person and online events > Workshops & Webinars Harnessing ArcGIS and the power of Laserfiche with Permitting Applications Thursday, November 28 | 1 PM - 2 PM CDT Join CDI and learn how CDI’s ArcGIS integration helps customers make important decisions by integrating documents and geocoordinates. ​ In this webinar, you will learn: ​ How to pin applications, permits, and contracts to ArcGIS for easy access and radial searching. How to search and view ArcGIS from Web Access. Register Here Send Now Contact Form New to CDI? We are here to help! Have a Laserfiche support request? C lick Here

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    Resour ces Purchase contracts, downloadable brochures, & video library access > CDI Resources knowledge & resources for success > PURCHASING CONTRACTS LEARN MORE BROCHURES LEARN MORE YOUTUBE VIDEO LIBRARY LEARN MORE Request a Demo/Quote

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  • Laserfiche and Hot Air Balloons

    Fiche Tips: Laserfiche and Hot Air Balloons Today, I want to give you a business analysis tip, and it involves hot air balloons. That’s exciting! Laserfiche represents so much potential at your organization. Determining what to prioritize or how to redesign a process involves a lot of decision-making. Often with cross-functional teams. So how can you collaborate and communicate in a fun and effective way to make decisions? This is just one simple technique called “The Hot Air Balloon.” Draw a hot air balloon on a whiteboard or any collaboration tool. Add an idea that you need to make a decision on above it. Now, work as a team to brainstorm what makes that idea float and what makes it sink. The visualization of reasons that propel an idea versus making it sink is so much more impactful and collaborative than a boring pros and cons list. It gives people the freedom to brainstorm all the reasons to do or not do something. By the end you often have a pretty good visualization of what the right direction is. I hope you find some value in this simple tip, and get off the ground with some amazing ideas. CDI NEWSLETTER Stay updated with all the latest Laserfiche news, CDI webinars, blogs, and more! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

  • How to Promote Forms and Workflow From Test to Production

    By Kyle Knebel November 2023 Consultants Corner When moving your Laserfiche Forms Processes or Workflows from a test environment to production, Laserfiche can help you check that your Forms process or Workflow is ready. Both Forms and Workflow have built-in “promotion” tools that help check that the required resources are available in the new Production environment. In other words, you can take a Forms Business Process and upload a copy from your test system to your Production Forms system, and Laserfiche will launch a wizard that will check for consistency and match settings to what had been successfully running in your Test environment. The same goes for Workflow design imports. Laserfiche Workflow has an import wizard that checks for required resources. You make some simple changes in the wizard’s interview steps, and then you will be almost ready to run! (With a few exceptions) Let’s look at the details of each of these promotion tools, and we’ll discuss some best practices for each. Exporting from the Test environment From your Test environment, export the Workflow or export the Form process. WF (Workflow): In Workflow Designer, go to the menu and select Workflow>Export. Choose the workflow to download, which will be saved as a single file with a .WFI file extension. Forms: In the Forms website, navigate to the “Manage” tab, select the Process from the list, then click the Download icon at the top-right of the toolbar. The file will be saved with a .xml file extension. “Promote” to Production This is just another way to say that we are moving our Forms Process or Workflow from a test system to a production system. Each product has its own promotion wizard to help migrate the configuration and configure the settings necessary for the process to function in the production environment. Some settings will have to be manually adjusted after import, however. Also, be sure to review the following pre-requisites: Repository folder structures match both Fields/templates match in both External data sources set up in Production. Service Account with access to those data sources Take backups and have a rollback plan. Forms Teams, assignees, and Laserfiche groups (WF) must exist in the destination environment. Best Practice: Next is the question is what order you should promote Forms Processes or Workflows. If promoting both Forms process and Workflows where the Forms process calls the Workflow, the best practice is that you should begin with Forms, since any Workflow names are hard-coded in the Forms Process activities. On the other hand, when you promote a Workflow, you’ll have to manually update any Set/Retrieve Business Process Variables workflow actions, regardless. To Promote a Forms Process: Forms specific pre-requisites: Team names need to match one-to-one. Teams exist outside of any individual process. Best Practice: In the target Production Forms system, go to Forms Administration>Team Management and create all Teams, as necessary, to match the names and membership (assignees) to what was being used in test. Lookup sources Best Practice: In the target Production Forms system, go to Forms Administration>Data Sources and create the identically named and configured Data Sources needed. Note: To import Forms Processes with Lookup Rules that use Data Sources, the Forms User conducting the import must have the System Administrator role. Step 1: Navigate to the Manage tab and select New Process>Upload process. Step 2: Select the previously exported Business Process .XML file for import. Step 3: Enter any new values for User and Group names, as well as Sender’s Email addresses, where necessary. These properties are found on the user and email tasks within the process itself. Step 4: For any Data Sources used by Lookup Rules on any forms, you’ll want to re-enter the properties of that connection. Step 5: Update the Workflow server name and workflow names, as well as other resources like Payment Gateways, Logos used in form title bars, and production Repository Profile credentials to save forms as documents in a Laserfiche repository. Step 6: For any existing reports, you will be able to either keep the existing report as is or overwrite the report. For any new reports, you will be able to either create them as a new report or Ignore the report and not import them. Step 7: Click Upload to complete the promotion of your Forms process to production. To Promote a Workflow: Step 1: In Laserfiche Workflow Designer, click on Workflow>Import Workflow... Use the wizard steps to configure the workflow to function in the production environment. The Workflow Import Wizard is the “promotion tool” for moving workflows from test to production. WF Import out-of-the-box features include mapping of: Connection profiles Starting rules Rename and publish. WF Activities Requiring Manual Update after the import steps include, but are not limited to: Find User Query Data Set/Retrieve Business Process Variables Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Click “Finish” to complete the wizard and don’t forget to check the “Open imported Workflows” box if you need to edit any activities, like Find User, Query Data, or Set/Retrieve Business Process Variables. Optional: If you do need to edit these activity types to match your production environment, you’ll want to use the Workflow Administration Console and configure the External Objects like Trustee Directories, Data Sources and Web Services. In the case of the Find User activity, it will use a “Trustee Directory” to obtain user and group information, which will either be your Laserfiche repository or a Windows Active Directory host (server). You can manage them in External Objects>Trustee Directories. For Query Data, Update Data, Insert Data and Custom Query activities you’ll want to configure the External Objects>Data Sources For Set/Retrieve Business Process Variables activities, you’ll want to configure connections to the Forms server under External Objects>Web Services. This concludes our introduction to the promotion tools available for Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Workflow. As you can see, they are very useful and will help guide you to a successful migration from test to production. CDI NEWSLETTER Stay updated with all the latest Laserfiche news, CDI webinars, blogs, and more! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

  • Increase Laserfiche Productivity in One Second

    Fiche Tips: Increase Laserfiche Productivity in One Second Today, we want to show you how to increase productivity in one second! So, in the spirit of productivity, let's jump in! Today's topic is stars! No, not the kind in the sky. Little shimmers of glimmering efficiency right in Laserfiche. Did you know that you can add a star if you right-click on an entry? Well, you can! When you add a star, that entry shoots straight to the top. So, whether you frequently reference a folder, document, or collection for some special project. This will save you clicks and keystrokes. Have a great day, and we'll see you next time! CDI NEWSLETTER Stay updated with all the latest Laserfiche news, CDI webinars, blogs, and more! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | TikTok

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