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Laserfiche Consulting

Laserfiche Consulting 

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Laserfiche Consulting

The consulting services provided by CDI range from exploratory to post-implementation. You’ll experience leading direction, design, and documentation of new or revised processes. Through improved capture, management & dissemination of your information, your organization will see faster ROI working with CDI.

Consulting Services

Existing Process and Procedured Analysis

Existing Processes & Procedures Analysis

CDI Documentation and Governance Modeling Icon

Documentation & Governance Modeling

Training Implementation Project Management Icon

Training & Implementation

Project Management

CDI Process Management Evaluations and Redesign Icon

Process Management Evaluation & Redesign

CDI Installation Testing Icon

Installation & Testing

System Audits Icon

System Audits

CDI technical review icon

Technical Review - Upgrades & Improvements

Indexing Searching and Metadata Management

Indexing, Search, & Metadata Management

CDI Development Programming Solutions Icon

Development &

Programming Solutions

Documentation & Governance Modeling

Installation & Testing

Indexing, Search, & Metadata Management

Development & Programming



Every document management solution is unique and may require a little to a lot of customization. Integrating and unifying systems can create even greater efficiency and make your overall solution that much more powerful. At CDI, our team of in-house developers are available to make your document management system friendly to all users and powerful to all administrators.

Today's integrations can be handled through the use of API's or tool-kits, but it is increasingly handled through GUI integrations. This makes for fast, efficient and manageable integrations. 


Are you looking to change imaging systems? CDI has you covered. CDI has converted files from Ax5 (Legato, Documentum), FileNet, DocuWare, Watermark, IMS21, QuikTag, Stellent, Hummingbird, RVI, Oracle, Liberty, Worldox, Trumpet, & Docstar.

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