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Laserfiche Software Options

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Laserfiche Software Options

Laserfiche document management and records management offers a suite of tools to make your office more efficient through digital storage and digital workflow. 

Laserfiche Base Server & Host Options

CDI Avante Laserfiche

Designed for small to medium organizations, combining content management with workflow tools that automate business processes

CDI Laserfiche Rio

Designed for large organizations, combining content management functionality with business process management (BPM), security and auditing, unlimited servers and a thin-client interface

CDI Laserfiche Cloud

Enterprise content management with built-in business process management tools in a secure and scalable Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS) subscription

CDI Laserfiche Hosting Services

Online services and solutions for organizations looking to reduce the headaches, burdens, and costs of self-hosting Laserfiche

CDI Laserfiche Subscription

All-in-one solution that allows organizations to access Laserfiche at a cost-effective price point

Laserfiche Modules & Options

Tracks and records events in Laserfiche

Digital library of prebuilt e-form and workflow templates

Enable content capture from document scanners, mobile devices, web forms, network drives, MFPs, electronic files and applications

Integrate other applications with Laserfiche without programming

Allow users to access and make changes to documents in the repository from any device

Ability to digitally capture, route and approve forms enterprise-wide

Monitors MFP, fax servers and other folders to automatically bring new files into Laserfiche continually or at specified times

Allows full online access to a Laserfiche repository

High-volume capture software that automates document import, classification and indexing

DoD 5015.2-certified software that transforms paper records into digital, accessible organizational assets.

Laserfiche ScanConnect

Automate the classification, organization, routing and archiving of documents.

Ability to create integrations and automation between Laserfiche and other line-of-business applications

Streamlines and automates the creation of meeting agenda  

Allows read-only online access to a Laserfiche repository

Automate the classification, organization, routing and archiving of documents.

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