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Online Backup

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Online Backup

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CDI Online Backup (CDOB)

Today’s abundance of information makes the importance of backup critical to business success. For firms looking to achieve true disaster recovery-ready status, CDI offers an online backup service for day-to-day files along with your paperless imaging system. When using Cities Digital Online Backup (CDOB) scheduled nightly backups are transmitted directly in an encrypted format. CDOB is great for companies looking to quickly and easily put a redundancy plan into place. Companies already taking advantage of Cities Digital’s D3P program can have their media generated by CDI when using CDOB.

  • Incremental nightly backups of your critical data

  • Application Hosting (Laserfiche, CRM, Quickbooks, etc.)

  • Office 365

  • Exchange and SQL

  • 256-bit encryption

  • Backup network drives, databases, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lotus, and Oracle

  • Restore files for up to 30 days

  • Daily backup statistics are emailed

  • Installation & support

  • 24 Hour Hotline

  • Emergency remote Laserfiche availability

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