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DocuSign Integration

Easily sign documents within Laserfiche
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Esri ArcGIS CDI Integration

The CDI DocuSign® integration for Laserfiche® allows users to send documents within Laserfiche for signature through DocuSign easily.

With this integration, users are able to open documents from Laserfiche, place recipient-specific tags (such as signature/initial boxes) in documents, and email them out. Recipients will be notified of the signature requirements via email. Once the document is signed, both sent and signed documents are automatically archived in Laserfiche, with the appropriate metadata applied.


Open documents in the DocuSign editor from Laserfiche

Send documents to an individual or multiple recipients

Have signed and returned documents automatically archived

Use both the Laserfiche Client or WebAccess

Easily incorporate signature processes as
part of an internal process/workflow

Request Signatures using DocuSign Activity Workflow. Drag activities into the designer and configure properties the same way users would use other Workflow Activities

Locate signed documents linked and stored in the same location as the original document

DocuSign Workflow Activities for Laserfiche

The CDI DocuSign Activities for Laserfiche Workflow provides organizations with an automatic process for requesting DocuSign signatures from specified recipients.

With this integration, users can add DocuSign workflow activities to new or existing workflows within the Laserfiche Workflow Designer. Utilizing a DocuSign template, documents can be sent for signature via
the workflow process. Recipients will be notified via DocuSign to add their signature to the document.

Workflow Allows: 

Simple configuration in the Workflow Designer, by dragging activities into the designer and configuring properties the same way users would use other Workflow Activities.

Taking default email addresses that are in the DocuSign Template and pulls them into Workflow automatically.

Signature requests using the Request DocuSign Signature or Request DocuSign Signature with Attachment activities.

Retrieval of information from DocuSign envelopes such as form fields and statuses using the Retrieve DocuSign Envelope XML or Retrieve DocuSign Status XML activities.

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