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You can do What! With Laserfiche Forms 10.4?

The new features in Laserfiche Forms are sure to enhance the way your office gets things done. This article details the new user-friendly and time-saving improvements that 10.4 delivers. These updates make designing business processes and using Laserfiche Forms even more appealing.

Promotion Tool

Ensuring reliability with a process is an essential step to successful user buy-in and adoption. Therefore, thorough testing of a process is critical when it comes to the implementation of any new solution. The new promotion tool allows designers to master their processes before placing them in a live environment; working out any glitches before going live. Once the operation is accepted, administrators can transfer the process from a test environment into the production environment seamlessly. Simply import the exported business process onto the production server. This updates the necessary values to make the switch.

Copy and Paste

Eliminate reconfiguration with easy to use ‘copy and paste’ features. This allows the flexibility of reusing already configured process elements. The copied elements remain in a hover state once copied, allowing for easy placement. The copied items can be used within the current business process or put onto another business process.

Rich Text Field

Are you looking to do a better job at branding your organizations forms? The new Rich Text options allow for bullet points, text styling and the ability to include links in submissions.

Bulk Approval

Perform an action on multiple tasks of the same type for the same user simultaneously.

Email Teams

Are you tired of adding one email address at a time? Now you can set up an email service task to contact an entire team. Make managing contacts simple by managing email lists as a group rather than individuals.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Create multiple Authorize.Net and Braintree profiles in Forms to give users additional payment options. These new payment options are configured directly from Forms, and once configured, will enable you to choose the preferred profile within the designer.

Data Maintenance

System Administrators can now manage and maintain Forms database size easily with new automated features and configurable settings. These new options include retrieving instance data from completed processes after a specified number of days, removing instance statistics from completed processes, or removing uploaded files from the Forms database.

User-based Team Management

Now you can quickly view a list of users and the teams they belong to, and conveniently streamline your team management by adding individual users to multiple teams. Also, assigning security roles to various teams is another option.

Dynamic Form Selection

In previous versions of Forms, you could only assign a fixed form in a user task; meaning many different process paths had to be developed to account for different scenarios. Dynamic Forms selection now allows users to use variables to choose a form. The value of a variable can determine which form is used and will allow for a more fluid process design.


Now users can add a geolocation field to a form. The data collected will become the location property for the form which is stored in the repository. The Web Client and App use the location data to allow users to view and search for forms on a map.


Timeout options are now available. Timeout allows Forms to disconnect a user after a specified amount of inactivity. Built-in prompts are available if the user wants to continue the session. Administrators also have the option to allow auto-saving of work-in-progress.

Take advantage of all the new functionality now available in Laserfiche Forms. If you are considering updating to the latest version and would like more information on Laserfiche Forms 10.4, please consult with the CDI Support Team today.

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