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Capturing a Signature in Laserfiche Forms and Push to a Word Document

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

As a follow-up to the previous article, “Generating a Microsoft Word Contract from Laserfiche Forms Data,” this post focuses on how Laserfiche can be used to capture a signature from a Laserfiche Form and insert it directly into a MS Word document!

In this month’s article, CDI’s Software Trainer, Kyle Knebel, will guide us through how to accomplish the insertion of a signature into a MS Word document. Most of these steps are outlined in the article linked above.

Kyle, what document type will you be showing us for the example today?

The steps included below will outline signatures on a Contract document.

1. Create your MS Word document.

a. First, you should get your document set up in MS Word.

b. For example, in the text area where the signature appears, enter the special word

“1CompanyName1”. We will later use the Find-Replace function to replace the boilerplate text with the actual name that was typed in Laserfiche Forms.

c. Following this same idea, we could add some text like “2EffectiveDate2” where we want to replace it with the actual contract effective date.

d. And the same for the expiration date, we could add some text like “3ExpirationDate3” where we want to replace it with the actual expiration date.

e.The signature field is going to be different. We need to use a MS Word Merge Field. You will place the merge field as desired, but it must have the following format. It must be prepended with “Image:”. For example, the field could be created called “Image:Signature1”. The colon is crucial.

i. To insert a Merge field, select the Insert Tab, then select the Field option from the Quick Parts Menu option in the Ribbon Bar.


ii. Next, choose the “MergeField” type and enter the Field Name in the top-right corner. It must be in the format of “Image:{anything}”. For example, “Image:Signature1” would be entered without quotes.

f. Save the new MS Word document to a windows folder. Later, you will upload this document as a Master Document within the Update Word Document Workflow activity.

2. Creating the Laserfiche Contract e-Form and Business Process

Next, you’ll want to add a Signature Field to your Form that you just built in the Laserfiche Forms Business Process.

a. Open Laserfiche Forms and click on the Manage tab.

b. Once in the Designer Screen, skip down to the Forms section and open the appropriate form or create a new form.