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CDI Employee Spotlight - Laura Froyum

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Each month the CDI Employee Spotlight showcases individual CDI staff members, highlighting not only their tireless work contributions but also who they are as a person.

This month’s spotlight is on CDI Account Executive, Laura Froyum.

Laura Froyum, CDI Account Executive

About Laura

Throughout my tenure at CDI I’ve held many roles, Operations Manager, HR Manager, Payroll, Benefits, Support, Account Manager, Sales Director, and ultimately found my place as an Account Executive. I love the opportunity it gives me to connect with clients and prospects and help them solve problems.

Tell us about yourself

I have 2 boys, 5 and 7, and we’re doing full-time distance learning. I have a Cricut Cutter that I love and make all kinds of cool vinyl stickers, cards, and t-shirts. We are big into outdoor activities and camp in our IceCastle fish house during the summer and in the winter on the ice frequently.

Is there anything about you that your clients wouldn’t believe or would be surprised to know about?

The West Coast Account Manager, Zachary, is my little brother.

Is there a Laserfiche feature or CDI product/service available that you are surprised more clients don’t take advantage of?

Honestly, probably Snapshot. Just because when I talk to most clients about it, it’s a feature they always forget they have. It allows them to print documents for archival directly to Laserfiche. It’s mostly been fun to just see the excitement on their faces when they realize they don’t have to print/scan anymore!

Functionality-wise, I’d say Laserfiche forms. Forms makes task management and automation more user friendly. I could talk about it all day!

What are 3 items on your desk and why are they there (what do they represent)?

This is an easy one to include photos of. I have sticky notes and art from my children.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part is getting to know the clients and helping them solve problems.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Turning it off.

Thank you, Laura!

If you need additional help or support, email us at, or call us at 855.714.2800, Ext 1.

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