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Consultant's Corner: Copying and Pasting Elements Between Forms Business Processes

As of version 10.4, Laserfiche Forms supports the copying and pasting of Process Design elements within a process, or onto another business process. Unfortunately, it does not allow copying of forms or forms elements between processes, which is what we all want!

Below, CDI’s Software Trainer, Kyle Knebel, will quickly guide you on how to easily copy and paste elements between your Forms Business processes.

To begin, Forms process elements are things like Start Message Event, Exclusive Gateways, Service Tasks, etc.

To Copy elements, you will navigate to the process diagram page on the left-pane of the process.

Then press and hold the CTRL key and click over the elements you want to copy, like the Message Start Event, Gateways, and User tasks.

Once selected press CTRL-C or right-click the elements and select Copy.

You will see a confirmation message at the top of the screen:

To Paste, press CTRL-V in the process designer screen. As you paste the element(s), they will appear as a hovering group with a hand icon. Position the element(s) on the process design screen and then click the left mouse button to drop the element(s). You can then arrange the individual actions on the design grid as normal.

The elements will appear as normal once pasted. They are now ready to be individually edited.

That’s it, simple!

Thank you, Kyle! It’s quick tips like this that can help save readers a lot of time by using faster and more efficient methods of duplicating elements between Forms business processes.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with a CDI professional team member, contact us at

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