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Consultant's Corner: Creating a Workflow in Laserfiche Cloud

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Building workflows in Laserfiche Cloud is very similar to building them in the on-premise Windows Workflow Designer. However, Laserfiche Cloud does not have all the same activities that are found in the on-premise version.

In this month's Consultant's Corner article, CDI's Software Trainer, Kyle Knebel walks us through the process of creating a workflow in Laserfiche Cloud.

Although the Activities list is not as extensive in Laserfiche Cloud, more functionality is being added at every quarterly software update. Also, the nomenclature for certain functions are different in the Cloud, for example, Start Rules are called Starting Events in the Cloud version.

To begin, Sign-in to Laserfiche Cloud with your administrative account, then click on the Grid icon:

Select Process Automation from the pop-up window.

Select or mouse-click on the Workflows option.

To begin building your Workflow, click the green New button.

In the pop-up, give your workflow a name. The description is optional. The connection profile will automatically display your repository value. Then press Next.

Begin designing your workflow in the Design module. Here you can drag workflow activities from the toolbox onto the workflow canvas, which tells the workflow what steps to do. These steps, called activities, run in sequence from top to bottom, from Green to Red.

If you want to have workflow retrieve field values from a document and rename it, drag the two activities needed from the left-hand toolbox, in this case, the Retrieve Field Values activity and the Rename activity, to the canvas. You’ll need the Retrieve Field Values activity to come before all other activities.