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Have You Explored the CDI ArcGIS® Integration for Laserfiche®?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Information transparency is an increasingly popular trend. The availability of technologies like ArcGIS® linked with Laserfiche® Document Management allows municipalities to capture, manipulate, analyze, and display data conveniently on a map.

The interactive web maps provide data in context and real-time, allowing municipalities and businesses to deliver better services to their customers. For example, information about city initiatives, plans, and programs – from public works issues like potholes and light outages to crime and fire data, are available from within Laserfiche® and can be seen directly on the map via Laserfiche® WebLink or Web Access.

What is the ArcGIS Integration by CDI?

The ArcGIS® Integration allows for seamless interaction between the ArcGIS® interface and the Laserfiche® Repository. The integration enables users to upload documents to Laserfiche® directly from the ArcGIS® interface and view/upload or edit any related files based on permissions. The map populates indicating which features have documents associated with them in Laserfiche®.

The reverse is also true when configured properly Laserfiche® users can view documents in Laserfiche® and see the related map layer in a custom metadata pane within Web Access.

What features and benefits does the integration provide?

The integration boasts features that promote continuity and convenience for organizations using both ArcGIS® and Laserfiche®. The benefits that the integration provides include:

  • Documents on the Map –Users can quickly and easily pull up an exact location on the ArcGIS® map, highlight the associated feature, and view Laserfiche® documents without ever leaving the application.

  • Radius Search - The integration can conduct a radius search for documents. The map author needs to add the "select" widget to the map which allows the users to draw a circle to select the features on the map within the radius.

  • Connection profile options - allow users to connect and view information in different ways.

  • Read-Only – This option uses a read-only WebLink connection to view Laserfiche documents from the map.

  • Read-Write – This option uses a read-write Web Access connection to create, edit and view documents or attachments for specific map features. An integration layer must also be configured to display folders, not documents.

  • Secure – Credential specified allows users with the appropriate permissions to access the content layer from ArcGIS® through the repository.

  • Upload documents - to Laserfiche® directly from ArcGIS®.

  • Protect editable layers - Organizations can provide access and protections for editable layers within ArcGIS®. The new secure layer access works by requiring users have appropriate credentials to view or edit any layer content.

  • New Integration Feature for Laserfiche® allowing Inside Access – Data from ArcGIS® is displayed on a map within Laserfiche® Web Access 10.3 or newer and includes information about the records associated with that specific map item. Examples of this feature include property files, street centerlines, water mains, fire data, election data, and public utilities to name a few. The integration links both documents and folders and places them on the map through template field data, not just geo coordinates.

Configure a custom metadata pane for ArcGIS® related documents.

Limit map details to specific folders within the repository. As long as there is a template field that matches the property data, the integration allows users to link to any layer that exists in ArcGIS with the associated information.

  • View Secure Layers - Easy access to documents via secure connections, based on specified permissions. Now users can view Secure Layers requiring credentials to access information within the ArcGIS® layers. Allow users to view these secure layers with a read-only profile and eliminate the fear of changes to the ArcGIS layers. Previously, only public layers were visible with the integration.

The ArcGIS® integration provides a variety of benefits that improve daily efficiencies for organizations making information more readily available. It may be time to put your documents on the map and increase transparency across your business. Contact the CDI Team to learn more about this innovative solution.

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