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Laserfiche 11 Now Available!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Laserfiche 11 Highlights & Updates

The anticipation is over, Laserfiche 11 is finally here. The major self-hosted release brings several new features and enhancements including:

Authentication and Security: The entire Laserfiche product suite now includes support for Single Sign On and multifactor identification to provide for streamlined and secure sign ins. We have also deprecated support for older operating systems and browsers for security purposes.

Direct Share: Share content securely with people outside the organization with password-protected links that can be tracked and audited centrally in Laserfiche. When you send documents through direct share, the recipient will receive a unique and anonymized URL that they can use to access the files for a limited period. You can add a password and specify the number of days until the URL expires. The sender will receive notifications when the content was viewed, and they or a repository administrator can see the status of who shared it, with whom, and when it was accessed.

Web Client: The search bar at the top of the folder browser you can now select a search you have recently run to run again and choose to filter search results by folder location and date created or modified without needing to open the search pane. You can also search by template and field value from quick search.

Laserfiche 11 has also made it easier to preview images when browsing the repository. You can choose to view the contents of a folder or set of search results as icons. This will display images stored in the repository, such as jpg, bitmap, and png images as thumbnails, and will also display the first page of TIFF imaged documents directly in the folder browser, making it easier to quickly locate the document you want. Folder views are set on a per-folder basis.

Finally, the web client now includes the ability to perform a batch print. The print option will be available when you have selected multiple documents from a folder or set of search results. When you print, the documents will be combined into a single PDF file, which you can then print as you would any other document.

Audit Trail: Laserfiche 11 introduces a new audit reporting experience to make it easier to create and view audit reports. When adding columns to a report, available columns are now grouped together to make them easier to find. There are also many more columns, allowing you to view even more granular information about your repository activity. These include a set of changed columns that pinpoint what changed during the audited operation. We have also updated the Audit Trail architecture to provide significantly improved performance.

Distributed Computing Cluster: Distributed Computing Cluster adds support for a new Workflow 11 activity that allows you to schedule PDF generation and OCR processing of repository entries.

More User-Friendly Form Designer: Design custom forms more easily than ever with a simplified drag-and-drop experience to put fields side-by-side, adjust field widths and more.

Edit In-Progress Process Variable Values: Keep processes running smoothly with the ability for an administrator to edit form variables during runtime, such as mistyped or missing field inputs.

Expanded SSO Support: Improved log-in experience for Laserfiche desktop-based applications, such as Quick Fields (coming soon), Scanning, Snapshot and Connector with support for SAML, AD FS and MFA authentication.

Repository User Experience Enhancements: More conveniently work across the web client with the ability to save searches, view recent searches and set custom filters in an updated search bar, print documents in a batch, and view thumbnail images of documents in the folder browser.

More Efficient PDF Page Generation: Generate image pages for PDFs using the distributed computing cluster (DCC) via Workflow to streamline high-volume capture workflows at scale.

The following minor changes and fixes were also added to Laserfiche 11:

  • The installation for the Laserfiche administration console has been moved from the Laserfiche Windows client install package to the Laserfiche Server install package. In addition, the Laserfiche Full-Text Indexing and Search Service now has its own installation package, and can also be installed from the Laserfiche Server installation package and the Audit Trail installation package.

  • Improved performance when importing briefcases and pages, viewing entry listings, and performing searches.

  • Improved event logging.

  • Webtools agent now correctly locates Office Plugin installations to folders other than the default folder. (250604)

  • Image previews now display correctly for documents selected from a set of search results. (201151)

  • Metadata reports now only contain the selected entries. (202510)

  • In some cases, a "Date/time out of range. [9170]" error message would be displayed when performing a date field search using the Spanish date format. This issue has been resolved. (245993)

  • Resolved an issue in which buttons for adding or deleting transfer locations in retention schedule properties did not work properly when the browser language was set to Spanish. (215185)

  • In some cases, list field definitions with a large number of list items could not be edited. This issue has been resolved. (294773)

  • Importing repository objects as XML on the web client management page now functions correctly. (280927)

  • Resolved an issue that could result in the web client not loading in iFrames. (214753)

  • Including an optional attachment on a document in Docusign no longer causes imports to fail. (51267)

  • Scanning now launches in the correct language. (265212)

  • Resolved an issue that caused some PDFs to display incorrectly. (257400, 250829)

  • Dynamic fields are now correctly sorted. (250395)

  • Resolved an issue that could cause forms to display incorrectly when embedded in the web client details pane. (245496)

  • Business processes with requirements are no longer disabled in the frequently used and favorite business processes lists. (169935)

  • Printing from the web client no longer includes an extra blank page in the print job. (255926)

  • Dynamic fields can now be modified when creating a new document from pages in an existing document. (242393)

  • Some JPEG issues could cause issues in the import dialog box when importing. This issue has been resolved. (245994)

  • In some cases, pages generated from PDFs would convert PDF annotations to Laserfiche annotations even if that option was not enabled. This issue has been resolved. (260352)

  • Resolved an issue that could cause custom page ranges to be ignored when emailing multiple documents from the repository as a single ZIP file. (190848)

  • Resolved an issue that could cause text box annotations to be displayed in the wrong place when the document is downloaded. (295852)


If you have any additional questions or if you would like to schedule an update to Laserfiche 11 please email or contact your Account Manager.

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