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Laserfiche On-The-Go! Check out the Mobile App

The need for secure and convenient access to information is a feature many organizations are looking for today. The Laserfiche app gives users that flexibility, creating mobile access to documents that matter. The app enables users to capture, upload, and securely access and work with documents in and outside the Laserfiche repository while on the go.

This article highlights some of the features available to users with the mobile app. Discover ways to use Laserfiche and improve how you do business.

1. Getting started

The Laserfiche app is accessible from an iPhone, Android, or tablet. The user clicks the app to securely log-in to the repository. There are a variety of options that an administrator can configure that ensures secure access to the document repository. The login method will vary slightly by the organization but can include username and password, touch or facial recognition, or active directory.

2. Viewing and Accessing Documents and Forms

Once the user successfully logs into the Laserfiche application, there are several ways that they can access the documents and forms. The following list briefly highlights some of the ways that users can view documents and Laserfiche Forms within the repository.

  • Browse Folders and Documents – Navigate the folder browser using the same browsing options as the thick or thin client to locate documents and folders in the repository.

  • Starred Documents – Select the starred option from the menu to quickly view the created favorites list. Starring documents or folders makes the information readily accessible for use.

  • Search Documents – Search documents efficiently using a variety of searches. The same quick search or saved searches are available in the Laserfiche Thin Client, allowing users to leverage complex searches configured in Web Access. Users can also search by filtering fields/templates, entry names, annotations, or document text to find specific documents or folders more efficiently.

3. Capturing, Creating, and Working Documents and Forms

There are many ways to capture, create and work with files in the Laserfiche App. Users benefit from the flexibility of this solution, having Laserfiche data available everywhere they go. This section describes some of the interaction options within the app when it comes to creating, importing, and working with content.

  • Capture – The capture feature allows for the use of the device's camera without signing in to the repository. Users can take a picture of an image, edit an image, sign images/PDF’s, save documents locally and even share the file with other applications.

  • Upload a File or Image – Upload a file or image directly from another application into Laserfiche. Users have the option to open the document in another app or send straight to Laserfiche.

  • Geo-Tag – The geo-tag field records the location coordinates of the photo. The location services option must be enabled on the device for the function to be available. A useful tool for organizations that require field work and pictures to document work.

  • Work with documents – Pressing a file in the list allows you to view that document, based on permissions users can see annotations, add template and field data, download files, start business processes, and more.

Working with Forms – Complete or submit forms, users can fill out forms or save as a draft. There is also the option for applying signatures to forms that require it, add attachments and more.

Task and Process Management – Assign or re-assign a document to other Forms team members and filter tasks according to priority.

­­­­­­­­­­Organizations can reach more customers with greater efficiency and improve daily interactions. The Laserfiche mobile application makes working with data simple and accessible no matter where your work may take you.

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