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Laserfiche 10.4.2: Process insights reports, Azure/AWS private cloud support, and more!

Laserfiche 10.4.2 is now released! This release includes new features as well as performance and bug fixes for Laserfiche Forms, Workflow, Directory Server, and Laserfiche app. Also recently released is Import Agent 10.4, including security and configuration enhancements for email archiving.

New capabilities include:

  • More easily deploy and install Laserfiche for on-premises, virtualized, or Azure/AWS private cloud environments with an expanded deployment toolkit that reduces implementation time

  • Multi-factor authentication for LFDS users

  • Better identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies using out-of-the-box insights reports that monitor process health metrics, such as task loads, work-in-progress, and process completion rates

  • Expanded control to troubleshoot Forms business processes with new skip, retry, and interrupt actions for active steps

  • Enhanced mobile image capture with support for front-facing cameras and improved capability to auto-crop documents using back-facing cameras

  • More options to download the Laserfiche app, now available through the Microsoft Windows App Store, Business Store, and Education Store, and more!

To learn more or to download Laseriche10.4.2, log in to Laserfiche Answers.

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