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Laserfiche Security: Global Feature Rights

Many of our clients ask us if there is a way to globally configure or limit what a user can do in the Laserfiche repository.

In this month’s article, we’ll explore how we can use the Laserfiche Administration Console to set a user or group’s functional feature rights within the Laserfiche repository.

Laserfiche calls the ability to take an action in the Laserfiche client, whether it be the Windows client or Web client, a “Feature Right”. For example, the ability to delete entries from the repository can be enabled or disabled for a user or group. These settings supersede any folder access rights already assigned in the repository itself.

Navigate to The Windows Administration Console, Web Management Console or Cloud Management

If using the Windows Administration Console

Launch the Windows Administration Console:

1. Open the Laserfiche Administration Console and navigate to the Users and Groups node.

a. From the Start menu, scroll to the Laserfiche folder and click on “Laserfiche Administration Console 10.4”

b. Or, from the Laserfiche Windows Client, click on Tools>Administration Console…

2. Login using your Laserfiche administrative account.

3. Expand the Repositories node, expand the named Repository, then expand the Users and Groups node.

a. If you want to set Feature rights on a Laserfiche User (not a Windows user),