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Need-to-Know Secrets of the Laserfiche Mobile App 10.4

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to the October edition of CDI’s “Consultant’s Corner.” In this article, CDI’s Software Trainer, Kyle Knebel, walks us through the need-to-know secrets of the new Laserfiche Mobile App, 10.4.

This updated Laserfiche app lets you work with business processes and documents, interact with Laserfiche Forms, capture and work with documents in and outside your repository, and search for information while on the go.

Kyle, what is new in the latest version of the Laserfiche App 10.4?

The 10.4 release of the Laserfiche App introduces a number of new features including:

  • More biometric support

  • New recycle bin

  • Searching for documents on a map by their location description

  • Bulk approval of forms tasks

  • New forms tasks sorting options are now available

  • Forms tasks can be opened directly in the app through email notifications.

What is the new recycle bin?

In Laserfiche App 10.4, when deleting documents, pages, electronic files, or folders, the items can now be sent to a recycle bin instead of being immediately deleted. Prior to 10.4, the app would immediately delete these entries.

How do you mark a document with a location when using the app?

Many of our devices are set up to capture location data when we take photos. If you want to upload a photo to the Laserfiche repository with location data, the App will provide a location editor bar in a grey box at the bottom of the image. Tap this box to enter the location, which can be from the EXIF data in the image, or your current location, or from a map location you pick out. If you have turned off GPS location services in your photo app, you might have to pick a location from a map or from your current location (check your device’s Privacy settings to be certain).

How do you search for documents on a map by location description?

In the main navigation menu, select Maps

You can search by neighborhood, address, city, state, zip code, or location description within the zoomed-in area.

What’s new with biometric support?

Now, Android users can use fingerprint authentication on those devices that support it. This feature was previously available only to Apple iOS devices.

How do you approve forms tasks in bulk (LF App 10.4)?

To bulk approve multiple tasks at once in your Laserfiche Forms Inbox, select more than one task by checking the checkboxes to the left of each task, then press the more options icon (vertical bullets) in the top-right corner and select the Submit option.

How can you sort forms tasks?

By clicking on the Sort By value in the top-right corner of the Inbox, a pop-up window will allow you to select your preferred method for sorting your tasks.

Can you save Draft copies of your Forms for Offline use?

Yes, you can save a Draft form and download it for offline use.

Step 1) Start a Forms process in your App (or from a browser), and save it as a draft - this will only work for those forms where it is set to allow saving as a draft.

Step 2) In the LF App, go to the Drafts tab in your Tasks list. Press the more options icon (vertical bullets) on the right side of the saved draft and choose Save Offline Copy.