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New Laserfiche Support and Learn

The Laserfiche Support site has been updated to a more user-friendly and inviting format. It is now easier than ever for users to navigate, locate information and find solutions. This new and improved layout creates a welcoming and user focused environment that facilitates product support and learning. The support site homepage consists of two components product support and learning resources.

Laserfiche has recognized the need to centralize information for users to one location facilitating solution discovery. The support site consists of two main components product support and learning resources. The sections below outlines the types of information that is available through the Laserfiche Support Site.

The Laserfiche Support component covers a wide variety of information, from answers to knowledge base articles to product downloads. There is a great deal of information available for users to search out.

  • Product Downloads - Here users can find download files for each product. The products can be filtered by type and version.

  • Laserfiche Answers - This is a forum where users can discuss troubleshooting Laserfiche issues, search out new solutions, network with other users to improve Laserfiche use, getting how to's and best practice ideas, so users get the most out of Laserfiche.

  • Knowledge Base - Users can access white papers, web help and solution exchange to improve or better understand Laserfiche capabilities

  • Product Roadmap - The product roadmap show the users what products are in the works in addition to anticipated release dates for these new products.

  • Release Summary - Includes details of each product release.

  • Supported Configurations - Details the requirements for products being released to you.

The Laserfiche Learn component covers information

such as video tutorials on products, webinars, solution guides and user help.

  • Video Tutorials - The Laserfiche video tutorials are a great tool, especially if a user is looking for a quick refresher on how to do something or to view new available features.

  • CPP Courses -Take various courses through Laserfiche to expand user knowledge.

  • Solution Exchange - The solution exchange page allows users to read Laserfiche Customer stories and see examples of how each organization is using Laserfiche. Allowing users to learn from others experience solutions that work and efficiency.

  • Regional Training - Laserfiche hosts user groups throughout the year for users to attend.

The Laserfiche Support site is a great tool to equip users with the knowledge they need to maximize Laserfiche use and efficiency.

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