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Pre-Fill Laserfiche Form Fields With Data Using Laserfiche Connector

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

In this month’s article, CDI’s Software Trainer, Kyle Knebel, will review how to use Laserfiche Connector to pre-fill field values in a Laserfiche Form. Laserfiche Connector can capture data from a screen or application and use it for many purposes. In this three-part example, we will use that data to open a Laserfiche Form and pre-fill the fields with the data captured by Connector. Let’s begin.

Part 1: Create the new Connector Profile, as described below.

1. Add a new profile. From the hidden icons on your taskbar, right-click on the plug icon, then choose Add Profile…

2. Name the Profile and set the Action. We will call this profile Forms Pre-Fill and set the action to Launch a website.

Part 2: Capture the data from your source, as described below. In this example, we are using the Laserfiche Web Client and we will be capturing the First Name and Last Name values from the template assigned to the client folder.

1. Click the Add Source Application button.

2. Drag the target icon (reticle) to the application (our Web Client, in this case) until the application is surrounded by a red outline, then release.

3. Set the Get Information configuration:

i. Set the Apply profile to radio button to This page only (#1)

ii. Edit the page URL and put the dot asterisk “,*” after the repository name in the URL string. This will set the button to work only when you are logged into this Laserfiche repository (#2).

iii. Press Save (#3). Connector will analyze the website before proceeding to the next step.

4. Next, we need to define the tokens with which to gather data. As shown below, drag the Token capture icon (#1) and drop it on the first field that will provide the data. Click the Add token link (#2) for each additional field token that you want to capture.

First field to be captured:

Change the name of the token to reflect what information it is capturing.

Next, we are going to add the 2nd token.

Now we have two tokens to use next:

Part 3: Specify and open the Forms website and insert the pre-filled data, as described below.

1. Set the URL and insert the tokens as parameters. In the URL you can put tokens that are used to fill in the Form fields. For Laserfiche Forms, each field has an name. We want to fill in the field called Name. We use the “?” to indicate a parameter value is being used on the web page.

2. Set the icon size and keyboard shortcuts (optional), then test the profile.

3. Press the Test button to check that the metadata is grabbed from the selected screen.

4. Press the Finish button to save the profile. The button will now launch a Form from the Web Client folder you are viewing and fill in the information.

You can extend this functionality to any fillable web page by using the steps outlined above. If you need to fill out more fields on the form, simply add more tokens during the Get Information step.

Pre-filled fields with the data captured by Connector complete.

Note: Please be aware the Chrome browsers need some additional command-line configuration, which is outlined in the Laserfiche Online help files.

Thanks, Kyle! Your guidance on using Laserfiche Connector to pre-fill field values in a Laserfiche Form is sure to help many organizations add greater functionality and gain time savings.

If you have additional questions or wish to speak with a CDI professional team member, contact us at

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