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Scanner Issues? Quick Steps to Get You Back Up and Running Again

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

This article illustrates troubleshooting and resolutions for common issues encountered when using document scanners.

Issue #1: Scanner Doesn’t Turn On

Check the scanner power and USB cables to ensure secure connections.

Issue #2: Scanner Drivers Missing or Outdated

When scanner drivers are outdated, it may prevent proper function of the scanner. If the drivers are not current, the most recent scanner drivers are available on the Canon or Fujitsu Support Websites. It is essential to make sure that you have the exact model name of your scanner to ensure you get the proper drivers.

*Please note that for some scanners the drivers are actually on the scanner for download (plug and play).

Canon Scanner Drivers Link

Fujitsu Scanner Drivers Link

Issue #3: Paper Jams and Feed-Errors

Some scanners will display an error code when a paper jam occurs. If a paper jam occurs while scanning take the following steps to clear the jam.

  1. The first step is to open the scanner lid. This action is what triggers a reset for the scanner. Even if the paper has been extracted without opening it, you will still need to open the unit to restart.

  2. Remove any documents remaining in the feed tray.

  3. Pull the open lever and open the front unit toward you; this will vary slightly by scanner model.

  4. Remove the jammed document.

  5. Close the unit, gently pushing up on both sides until it clicks into place. Some units will require pushing down. Then continue scanning.

If a double feed or other feeder jam occurs, clear the jam using the steps described above but also clean the scanner rollers and fan the paper before loading. If you are still having issues, the rollers may need to be replaced.

Issue #4: Insufficient Memory

If the scanner settings are configured to use a large amount of the computer's memory, scanning may stop if there is insufficient memory. This issue will vary based on the computer’s actual memory size and criteria set in the scanner settings. The more scanner setting options selected, the more resources required. Scanner settings that use a lot of memory include:

  • Color Mode (24-bit)

  • A large page size (i.e., legal, or scanner max)

  • A high resolution 600 dpi

  • Moire Reduction is On

  • Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background

If space is limited on the scanning computer and the error appears, exit the application, adjust the scanner settings (decreasing the resolution or page size) and try scanning again.

Issue # 5: Streaks and Splotches

Are your scanned images coming through with undesirable white lines or streaks? There could be dust, dirt, correction fluid or glue on the scanner glass. Clean both sides of the scanner glass and the rollers. It is essential to wipe the glass carefully with just enough pressure to clean the area where the lines appear. If the issue is not corrected with a thorough cleaning, the interior glass of the scanner may be scratched, in which case it is best to contact CDI.

Follow these steps to clean your scanner glass and rollers:

  1. Open the document feed tray and pull the unit toward you.

  2. Use compressed air to remove any dust and paper particles from inside the scanner.

  3. Clean the scanning glass. Wipe the glass with a cloth that has been damped with water and wrung out thoroughly, then use a soft cloth to wipe away any residual moisture.

  4. Clean the rollers, wipe the rollers using water or a light soapy mixture. Then thoroughly dry with a paper or cotton cloth.

*Caution: Be sure to keep diamond rings away from scanner glass. Permanent scratches in the glass can occur.

Check out this video to see how.

Issue #6: Missing or Skipping Pages

If the scanner is missing or skipping pages, there are a couple of solutions that you can try. First, check if your scanner has a feed width button, this button adjusts the thickness of the feeder for the paper fed through the scanner. This setting may result in two issues if the incorrect selection is chosen:

1. Pages are missing - If pages are feeding through, but too many are pulled at once, some pages are missed. Remedy this issue by adjusting the feed width button to the narrower setting and try scanning again.

2. Pages are not feeding - If the pages are not feeding at all then maybe the feed width needs button needs to be adjusted to a thicker setting.

If the feed width is not the issue, then see if the skip blank pages setting is enabled. If it is turned on you may need to adjust the likelihood of skipping setting up or down. If you do not want any pages skipped, even if they are blank, then change the setting to duplex to scan both sides of all documents.

While scanning issues can arise occasionally, following these simple steps could help you minimize any downtime you might experience. If you have gone through the list and have not found a resolution contact the CDI Support Team for further assistance.


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