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Share your creativity with the World - Customizing your Weblink document portal

By Kyle Knebel

As a Laserfiche Administrator, configuring the Weblink Portal is very easy. The application has a built-in Designer that gives you the flexibility to customize logos, background images, fonts, text, search and browse settings, and a host of other functions.

Some of the easiest changes to make in Weblink are the best ways to make your website look great to your visitors.

Logos and background images

Just add the theming and colors of your organization’s other websites to give the WebLink site a cohesive look. The WebLink designer has a section called “Theme” where you can upload your logos and images and set text font color.

Welcome Page

Modify the Welcome Page title and text to include some handy tips on how to use the site. The City of Anacortes (image above) is a great example of this design.

Custom links to folders or documents

WebLink Designer gives you the ability to build navigation links to folders, documents, and even other URLs that appear right on the main page

What should you never do with a weblink Designer?

Never expose internal private documents to the Public. How do you prevent this? There are a couple of easy ways to do this.

a.) Create a folder structure that will store copies of your public-only documents. Then give that Weblink “Public” account access only to that folder level and sub-folders.


b.) Setup the Public account with access to only the folders and documents that you explicitly need. You will set up the Public account as any other Laserfiche trustee, except you will set it with limited access. Log in to the repository as that “Public” account to verify that it can only access the folders and documents that you expected. Then, using the Weblink site, try navigating to a folder that should not be publicly accessible. Try searching for the content you know is not in the public access areas to see if it can be found.


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