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Snapshot In a Snap

Would you like to increase your Laserfiche Snapshot efficiency? Laserfiche Snapshot is a great tool for virtual printing image and text documents from electronic files, acting as an archiving tool for versions of these files. Adjusting the Snapshot settings can help to maximize efficiency when using this tool. Here are four ways to configure the Snapshot settings, that you may not know about.

1. Configure a default profile - Configure the default profile by setting the metadata, templates, and fields keeping a standard process for documents that are printed. If there is information that is always applied in the same way users can configure it as the default saving time when printing. Once Snapshot has been configured simply save the default profile in the advanced tab.

2. Create common profiles - Users can save a variety of profiles for the different types of documents that are being printed. This allows a variation in the document properties such as folder paths, templates and naming conventions that can be pre-configured. For example, an organization has several PDF files of Statements that they want to Snapshot into Laserfiche. All of these PDF files can be printed using Snapshot individually or in a batch. If the profile is set up for the Agenda documents there will be minimal manual data entry that will need to take place.

3. Use Tokens - Token values are a beneficial tool for populating templates, limiting data entry, and keeping document naming conventions in place. Items such as a document name and date fields are popular uses for tokens. Access the available tokens from a drop down list will display available tokens. Static data may also be entered if necessary.

4. Snapshot in batches - Have a large group of documents that need to be sent to Laserfiche as image files? Laserfiche Snapshot can simultaneously print multiple files that are selected in a file management application, such as Windows Explorer (to print from Windows Explorer, Snapshot must be the default printer). Scanning in batches allows you to select a saved profile and import multiple documents at once. Simply assign necessary document properties as the documents are printed, if Snapshot profiles are created this process should be quick.

Getting electronic documents into Laserfiche as image files are critical for maintaining records of documents that are not editable. Utilizing the discussed tips for is printing electronic files into Laserfiche will hopefully save you time and increase your productivity. If you need any assistance with configuring your Snapshot printer please contact the Cities Digital Support Team.

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