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Tech Bite: Transport Layer Security TLS Protocols 1.0 End of Life

The Cities Digital Support Team wants to make sure that customers are aware that as of June 1, 2018, TLS 1.0 reaches its end of life. TLS is an acronym for Transport Layer Security Protocol. The TLS protocol provides communication security over a computer network. It is a security measure between computer applications providing customers with privacy and application data integrity. Click on THIS link to get a more in-depth description of TLS.

The TLS 1.0 protocol is the oldest layer of the protocols suite, it handles communication generated by older devices, most of which have gone out of life-cycle within the last few years. It is recommended that you review your system and check which security protocols are being used. If the TLS 1.0 protocol is in use it is recommended that you check with your infrastructure or network team to ensure that your server and the entire system is configured so that TLS 1.0 is disabled and change the configuration to use TLS 1.1. Here is a link to PCI Booking's write up, who acts upon the PCI Council’s Statement of record regarding protocol matters.

This Laserfiche Answers article discusses what versions of TLS/SSL Laserfiche Products use and which are automatically disabled. It is important to note that in order for communication to occur, configured protocols must be on the same protocol. If any questions arise the Cities Digital Support Team is available to assist.

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