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Tech Bite: Troubleshoot a Forms Process Instance

Laserfiche Forms offers a convenient way to monitor process instances. A forms process instance refers to each time a business process runs on a form and all its related submissions. Monitoring process instances are especially helpful when it comes to troubleshooting, allowing users to quickly identify hangups within an individual Forms Business process.

The monitor tab allows users with the appropriate permissions the ability to view the action history and variables of specific instances. Double-clicking a single process instance within this view gives the user more information about each step and makes diagnosing issues within an instance a much simpler task.

Here are a few steps for troubleshooting a forms process instance.

1. In Laserfiche Forms navigate to the Monitor Page. A list will display all of the process instances. Filter options are conveniently located on the left side of the monitor page, select an option (i.e. contains suspended tasks), select a date range, and click apply to view the results.

2. The results view table has configurable and sort-able columns making instances easy to identify.

3. Clicking on an instances link allows the user to see more details. The example below shows an instance as suspended because it could not start a workflow. Begin troubleshooting the issue by first, verifying the workflow server is running. Then ensure the workflow service task is configured correctly. If both of these items are correct, then retry the instance.

4. Aside from the detailed history of the instance, clicking the variables tab will display a list of all of the variables in the process and their values. Reviewing these variables allows the user to see exactly what information that the instance is working with, helping to uncover any issues.

5. If the information gathered from the history and variable details are insufficient for determining the cause of the error. Return to the list of instances, select the checkbox next to the instance, and click the view error log button to collect more detailed information. Additionally, users can use the other buttons options to perform tasks on the instance if needed. The other buttons include retry instance, stop the instance, edit, or view the operational status of the instance.

When users can confidently identify an issue with a forms process instance, troubleshooting and resolutions can be found more efficiently. Following the steps outlined above can aid in keeping users informed and forms processes instances monitored helping to reduce complications in the future. If additional assistance is needed with troubleshooting any Laserfiche Forms Process Instances please contact Cities Digital Support Team.

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