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The Love Languages of Laserfiche Cloud - Home Screen Zones Explored

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

By Kyle Knebel

February 2024 Consultants Corner

You’ll love these home screen tips! This month, we’ll look at Laserfiche Cloud’s Home Screen Zones.

When you first log in to the Laserfiche cloud system, users will typically see their Home screen if they haven't already customized their default application under their account settings.

The screenshot below shows the main Home Page and all the Zones.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Navigate to other high-level content and process-focused views by clicking one of the Home Page tabs. These tabs provide widgets for more focused information management.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Task Statuses

On the main page, let’s look at some of the zones. View your pending and high-priority tasks at a glance. You can click on a task to open it. For example, clicking on the name of the blue highlighted task will open the form.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Starred and Recent Content

Documents or folders that you have marked with a star in your repository or documents that you viewed recently in your repository are listed here. You can click on a document or folder to open it.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Search the Repository

Run a basic or run saved search to find documents and folders in the repository. For example, when you enter a search term and press the green magnifying glass, a second tab will open in your browser and show you the search results within the repository.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Submit a Form

This zone is great for quickly finding and opening a Business Process form. Click on an available form to fill it out.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Help Center

The Help Center provides links to video tutorials, a link to the “Laserfiche Answers” chat forum, and the online help guide. Take advantage of these learning options to become more knowledgeable about using Cloud.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

More Dashboards

This link opens two areas, allowing you to access the Operational Dashboard and Surveys review area.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Operational Dashboards allow you to check Business Processes and get a snapshot view of the status by User, Team, Instance, or Duration. Choose a Business Process and immediately see metrics related to the process.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

Survey Dashboards allow you to view submissions, view results and view data gathered from those surveys.

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

This concludes this month’s review of the Laserfiche Cloud Home Screen zones. We hope you found it informative and useful!

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