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5 Ways Laserfiche Forms Simplifies the On-boarding Process

Almost all organizations have an on-boarding process, whether for new employees, clients, customers or partners. The on-boarding process can be time-consuming with a multitude of documents to complete, for example, filling out new hire packets takes a person 30 minutes to an hour on average. Using Laserfiche Forms can cut that time down to as little as 5 mins to fill out the same information, making Forms one way many organizations are simplifying the on-boarding process.

The following list will detail 5 ways using Laserfiche Forms can work for you, making your on-boarding process easier.

1. Reduce Paper Use – Keeping in line with the Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model, eliminating paper and digitizing content are the first steps to transformation. Converting a paper forms process into digital forms or starting from a digital form is a great way to start. Organizations experience benefits in cost savings from a reduction in paper use, and increased efficiency in form completion and accuracy in addition to the positive environmental impacts.

2. Skip Scanning Documents – If forms are created digitally, the need for scanning in packets of on-boarding documentation becomes obsolete. The organization will also see cost savings here because employees can focus energy on other areas and not spend hours scanning page after page of information. This will also improve security, accountability, and compliance for many organizations as pages will not be missed scanning, less chance of a document being lost or misplaced. There are so many options allowing users to create many versatile digital forms.

3. Increased Security and Accountability – During the on-boarding process, employees and customers are often filling out sensitive and confidential information. The security of a physical document may be questionable, as they may only be stored in a locked file cabinet that could easily be compromised. When using Laserfiche Forms the documents are centralized in the Laserfiche Repository and made accessible to users based on access rights, increasing document security helps to maintain document confidentiality. Additionally, features such as redacting and security tags are often used and applied using automated options after the form has been completed. It also helps to track information such as who accessed a document, when it was verified, completed, or submitted keeping accountability in check. Also, since documents are all immediately stored in Laserfiche, loosing documents is not an issue.

4. Automate and even Integrate Processes - Use Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Workflow to automate routing forms, sending email notifications, getting approvals or requesting completion. Eliminate the need to physically deliver forms through an office. This process can begin upon completion of a form, there is no need to wait for a document to be delivered. In addition to routing documents via email and notifications, users can also automate processes for data entry. Information from a form can easily be copied from one form to another, or information can be retrieved from a database. It will save the person that is filling out the form time from having to populate the same information multiple times. Information from form creation can be pushed to a CRM using an integration. Cities Digital has several CRM integrations that work directly with Laserfiche.

5. Increase Data Analysis and Reporting – Management can easily create reports and run analysis on forms that were completed. For example, they may want to see how many new clients were brought on-board in a quarter, for a specific region they could simply run a report and the information could be generated for them. There are many ways this tool could be helpful and benefit an organization. It is also simpler than sorting through pages of paper and gather the data manually.

Simplifying the on-boarding process can be beneficial for many organizations, save yourself time and resources. The benefits of using Laserfiche Forms can really impact each organization using any paper forms process in a positive way. If you are not using Laserfiche Forms and would like more information, to see a demo of the on-boarding process using Laserfiche Forms, or hear more about our CRM integrations. please contact the Cities Digital Sales Team.

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