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How to Create and Save a Custom Quick Search (Laserfiche Cloud)

Fiche Tips: How to Create and Save a Custom Quick Search (Laserfiche Cloud)

In this Fiche Tip you will learn how to create and save a custom quick search in Laserfiche Cloud. Let's take a look!

First, navigate to your repository if you haven't done so already and in the quick search area go ahead and type in a search and run that quick search. In order to create the custom quick search you can either click the ad filter link or in the more actions button click on the view search syntax. You will see there is a search syntax and there is a link in the search syntax popup that allows users to navigate to the creation area for custom quick search.

You want to use something in the future, and to do that, you will need to use the search term token below:


Laserfiche Fiche Tip

The token will replace what's inside the double quotes. Apply the token and hit save.

Now, if you go back to the folder view, you will then have a custom quick search. You will notice the new search is now listed under "Custom Quick Search."

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