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Laserfiche and Hot Air Balloons

Fiche Tips: Laserfiche and Hot Air Balloons

Today, I want to give you a business analysis tip, and it involves hot air balloons.

That’s exciting!

Laserfiche represents so much potential at your organization. Determining what to prioritize or how to redesign a process involves a lot of decision-making. Often with cross-functional teams.

So how can you collaborate and communicate in a fun and effective way to make decisions?

This is just one simple technique called “The Hot Air Balloon.”

Draw a hot air balloon on a whiteboard or any collaboration tool. Add an idea that you need to make a decision on above it. Now, work as a team to brainstorm what makes that idea float and what makes it sink.

The visualization of reasons that propel an idea versus making it sink is so much more impactful and collaborative than a boring pros and cons list. It gives people the freedom to brainstorm all the reasons to do or not do something.

By the end you often have a pretty good visualization of what the right direction is.

I hope you find some value in this simple tip, and get off the ground with some amazing ideas.

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