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Small Code, Big Impact (Laserfiche Forms)

Fiche Tips: Small Code, Big Impact (Laserfiche Forms)

Today, we want to show you a little piece of code for Laserfiche Forms. And I promise you, if you’ve built a Laserfiche Form, you can implement this code in seconds.

So here we go!

Here’s the problem…

If you’ve ever used multi-line text fields in Laserfiche Forms, you probably know that you can’t always predict how much someone is going to type. And while you can increase field height or set character limits, again, you may not know if someone is going to type a sentence or multiple paragraphs.

And sometimes, you get what is displayed in the above video, which is needing to use a scroll bar on the field to read through all the information. It makes reading large amounts of information difficult, and I don’t like it.

So, Is there a better way?

Of course, there is!

If I go to the CSS and JavaSript area for my form, I can drop in the following code:

textarea {

resize: vertical !important;


So, I’ll save this, go back to my task, refresh, and you can see that I can now resize this field as needed to see all the information EASILY. I love this; it makes reading the information in some fields much easier.

All right, thanks for checking in, and we’ll see you next time.

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