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Add some Green to Our Orange - Taking Payments in Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

By Kyle Knebel

March 2024 Consultants Corner

Laserfiche Forms supports two Payment Gateways natively, and can support others, like CardConnect, through other methods.  This month’s Fiche Tip will cover the built-in support for Braintree or As always, please consider the security implications of implementing a payment solution.

The Braintree and integrations collect all cardholder data within an iframe and send it to a third party, so that the Laserfiche Forms Server does not store any cardholder data. This simplifies PCI compliance, as both Braintree and are PCI-compliant frameworks.

The basic steps to enable a Forms process to accept payment are the following:

  1. Obtain Merchant credentials and associated account information from either one of the two merchants. 

  2. Forms Configuration: Setup your desired Payment Gateway

  3. Forms Designer: Configure the Process Design to use the payment gateway on the selected Form.

Let’s take a look!

Step 1:

Obtain a Merchant ID if you don’t already have one with the merchants (Authorize.Net or Braintree) and sign up for their Payment Gateway options of your choice, as there are several that could match your needs. Once signed up, they will provide you with a Merchant ID and all other encryption keys necessary to keep the payments secure.

Step 2:

On the Forms server, launch the Laserfiche Forms Configuration application.

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

On the left side, navigate to “Payment Gateway”. Here, you will click on “Add Account.”

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

Braintree and have slightly different configuration options but essentially require you to provide your Merchant ID and security keys. You will also select which currency you are accepting as payment; however, this currency setting is used only for display purposes in Laserfiche Forms.

Both Gateways support “Sandbox Mode,” allowing you to test your Forms payment processes without sending real money! Make sure to take advantage of this before going “live.”

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

The Gateway configuration screens are shown here, side-by-side.

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

Step 3:

From the Configuration screen, click the link to go to Forms.

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

Open your form Designer and highlight the Message Start Event or User Task in which you want to accept payment.

  • On the Message Start Event activity, the “Collect Payment” button is on the “General” tab just below “Enable reCAPTCHA.”

  • You can automate the payment amount by using tokens from the form itself, like a “Total Amount” field.

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

  • On the User Task, select the “Form” tab, then check “Collect payment” to configure the payment gateway and any field tokens.

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

Below is a view of the form itself, ready for payment by credit/debit card, or any other supported payment methods that your account allows (like Check).

CDI Laserfiche Fiche Tip

This concludes this month’s review of the Laserfiche Forms Payment Gateway options that allow you to easily accept payments through your Forms. We hope you found it informative and useful!

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