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Adding Subscription Users to Laserfiche Directory Server (LFDS)

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

By Kyle Knebel

June 2023 Consultants Corner

I Have New Subscription Users – How do I Add them to Directory Server?

For Laserfiche customers with Laserfiche Directory Server (LFDS), like a RIO or Avante system, licensing can be purchased through a Subscription plan, which provides lower up-front costs, and more bundled features as compared to non-subscription licenses. There are just a few simple steps to add new users to your system. This month’s Consulting Corner article from CDI will show how.

Laserfiche Directory Server (LFDS) is an easy-to-use tool that is accessed via a web browser. The LFDS “site” allows a Laserfiche administrator to update the system with new user counts easily. This usually is necessary when you need to add additional users who need access to Laserfiche Forms or to Laserfiche repositories. Specific User accounts can then be added through the Account section once the licensed user count has been updated.

Step 1: Updating the User count.

a. Access the LFDS site via your web browser link or from the LFDS Server.

b. Navigate to the “Settings” section (#1).

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

c. Press the “Renew Master License” link (#2), which will update the system with the latest users counts or newly purchased application licenses.

d. Optionally, you can toggle the automatic license renewal switch (#3).

Note: Check to see that the license counts are correctly reported on the Overview section prior to proceeding!

Step 2: Configuring new users.

In LFDS, navigate to the Accounts tab.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

a. Click the “+ Users” button to add the Windows Active Directory User account. This could also be an AD Group if you desire.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

b. Next, leave the Organization drop-down choice set to (Root), then click on the Register directory user(s) button on the right side.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

c. Search for Users or Groups in your Active Directory domain. If you search for an AD Group, you can add all those members, then selectively remove some of the members (if not all will be using Laserfiche), prior to finishing the process.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

d. In the Search results pane, select one or more users that are listed in the “Search Results” list, and then press Add All. This will add that user or set of users to the Added Users list.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

e. Press OK at the bottom when ready to add them to LFDS.

f. Next, we need to allocate a license to this new account, so find the new user in the list of Accounts, and select it.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

g. With the General tab of the user selected, select the appropriate License type for the user. Your system may have more (or less) choices than shown here. Once you’ve set the License type, this user will have that type of access in other Laserfiche applications (like Forms) or repositories that they are added to.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

Add the User to the Repository

Since registering a user in Directory Server does not automatically add that account to your Laserfiche repository, one needs to grant them access to the repository. Otherwise, they will not be able to sign in to even one repository.

a. In the appropriate server, open the LF Admin Console of the appropriate repository(s), then navigate to the Users & Groups node, and add the account as a New Windows Account… entry.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

b. Set their Authentication as “Trust: allow access.” Also, make sure to assign Feature rights or Privileges, as normal. Press the button in order to add the user’s Windows account to this repository.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

c. In the “Select User or Group” pop-up, type in the user’s name in the white box then press “Check Names.” At this point, you can select the name and press OK.

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

d. Press OK to finish selecting the Windows user account.

e. If needed, select the Rights tab, and set the users’ Feature Rights.

f. Then press OK to complete the User configuration.

This concludes our brief overview of how to add new Subscription users to the Laserfiche Directory Server.

Have a Great Paperless Day from CDI!

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