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Audit Trail 11: New Features and New Look

By Kyle Knebel

July 2021 Consulting's Corner

Laserfiche’s release of Version 11 in March 2021 revamped the Audit Trail engine and reporting interface. The same three editions (Starter, Standard, and Advanced) still exist. However, Audit Trail has changed the way it is configured and how reports are generated.

When it comes to Audit Trail 11 Configuration, most of it stays the same, but now, instead of a SQL database, there is a ‘Search Engine.’ This is a significant change to the architecture, and it will increase the performance of the reporting system. Additionally, the installation will convert your pre-existing reports from the SQL database into the new format if you upgrade from a previous version.

Laserfiche Audit Trail 11 looks more like the Web Client’s search pane than ever before for the Report filter. In addition, a simple but expandable list of filters is available on the ‘Report Filters’ pane.

Selectable report columns are now grouped to make them easier to find.

There are also many more columns, allowing you to view even more granular information about your repository activity. These include a set of Changes columns that pinpoint what changed during the audited operation. For example, you can display the value before the change and after the change.

Event Types are even easier to select in the new interface. Just click ‘Add,’ and the new, easy-to-use selector pops up to give you the same familiar event types to choose from. As you select event types, the number of available items is decremented at the top of the screen.

And the report columns now have filters for even more flexibility.

Laserfiche’s Audit Trail 11 offers a new set of easy-to-use functions and faster reporting. If you are already licensed for an Audit Trail, the upgrade is free with your current LSAP plan. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our sales team or your CDI account representative.

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