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Carbon Copy to Laserfiche, Please - Setting up Import Agent for capturing emails

July 2022 Consultants Corner

The Laserfiche Email Archiver allows you to automatically store emails to multiple Laserfiche repositories based on rules that you set and can extract and assign metadata to the emails stored. It can also extract and store attachments by setting alternate Attachment handling options.

Configuration Steps:­

The configuration of the Laserfiche email Archive system entails the following 4 steps:

  1. Network firewall exceptions (if needed)

  2. Mail Cache settings / Editing the Laserfiche Email Archive Service’s configuration file

  3. Create an Email Archive Profile

  4. Configure your email server to route to the Email Archive

  • Exchange Server 2019, 2016 or 2010

  • Office 365

Network Configuration

The Email Archive runs as a Windows service and becomes a “Smarthost” to which your email server can send BCC messages to the Laserfiche Email Archive server. It will be installed on a single computer, typically a Server (if possible).

Please ensure that TCP/IP port 25 is open between your email server and the Laserfiche Email Archive server. This may require a Firewall exception.

Mail Cache

In some instances, if the Email Archive service is stopped, pending emails will be cached until the service restarts.

In other instances, if messages fail to import, they will be cached, and then the import will be retried again based on the configured retry interval.

With SMTP implementations only, the email server may send a large email as a multi-part file. Once all the parts have arrived, the Email Archive service will import the email.

The following three settings impact Mail Cache configuration within the config.xml file:

  • QueueCapabilty

  • PartialMessageRetrieveTimeout

  • RetryInterval

Below is a list of settings found in the config.xml file. Changing these settings will impact the performance of the server on which the Email Archive server service is installed.

Create an Email Archive Profile

From the Start Menu, go to Laserfiche and click on “Laserfiche Email Archive Config” to launch the Email Archive Profile editor.

Email Archive Configuration Utility

Step 1: Select Profile > New from the menu or click on the “Create a New Profile” icon.

Step 2: Set the sign-in information that Email Archive will use to connect to the Laserfiche repository.

Optionally, configure the Laserfiche Cloud Account ID and user credentials that will be used by this profile.

Step 3: Configure the General settings