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Cities Digital Employee's Respond to Empower 2018

Thank you to all who attended Empower 2018 both in-person and through live-stream. The event was a great success, with over 3,000 attendee's from around the globe this conference did not disappoint.

The conference brought together VAR's and users from all professional backgrounds to network and gain new insights into product features, new trends in digital automation, customer success stories and the release of Laserfiche 10.3.

The staff at Cities Digital has taken the time to highlight some of their favorite take-away's from Empower 2018.

This is great, "Version 10 of WebLink contains all of the tools in one web interface so that you don’t have to work with 2 separate tools (the WebLink admin console and the designer)." - Mike Richarson, Director of Support

Stay tuned for this new feature. "I am super excited about the new decision tables due to be released this year. Will make workflow and forms so much more user friendly." - Ron Race, System Architect

"I gained a new appreciation for the Laserfiche Eco-system. Initially, I looked at Laserfiche as a program that helps customers reach their end goal. Now I see it as a total overhaul of their business to cut costs, raise efficiency, and be more responsive in today’s ever changing world of technology. We offer more than just Laserfiche, we help clients plan how best to utilize it, integrate with their existing software, train and support them every step of the way." - Zach Hanson, Account Manager

"The DocuSign integration with Laserfiche, if you buy Cities Digital’s has workflow activities and you can even buy DocuSign directly from Cities Digital making the whole process really easy. I learned that you can send DocuSign documents directly from Laserfiche or with the Workflow engine. It’s amazing!" Patrick Welsch, President

"The take-away I found truly fascinating was the capabilities of the Laserfiche Connector. I was truly intrigued by its functionality and usage in the integrator's space. Simple and straight-forward, but very powerful."- Jeff Curtis, Senior Software Support Engineer

"Forms 10.3 includes amazing report building tools, taking the analytics possibilities way further than ever before! Managers will have better information at their fingertips to allow forms to further allow organizations to Run Smarter™!" Jessica Welsch, Director of Consulting

"I really liked that they offered more specialized course tracks this year. Specifically, the Leadership track. All of them related to being a good leader, but continually referenced back to Laserfiche and utilizing the tools available to you!" Laura Froyum, Director of Sales and Operations

"I love the fact that you can promote forms processes you’ve modified and tested, overwriting your existing process that’s in production." Sheila, McEwen, Presales Project Manager

If you have questions about any of these topics or would like to learn more make sure and reach out to us. Also, if you attended Empower 2018 and have some insights to share or questions you would like answered and featured in an upcoming newsletter, please email them to We would love to hear from you.

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