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Consultant’s Corner: Managing Records + Workflow 10.4 = Automate Record Management Functions

This month’s Consultant’s Corner article focuses on managing records with Laserfiche’s Workflow 10.4. We connected with Kyle Knebel, Software Trainer, here at CDI, to give us a quick overview on the new activity made available to automated records management functions.

Kyle, what is new in Laserfiche regarding Records Management and Workflow in version 10.4?

With the release of version 10.4, Laserfiche has made it possible to apply Records Management properties to folders and documents, without having to use formal Records Series or Records Folders. For many clients this can possibly do away with the need for “Transparent Records Management.” In addition, Laserfiche Workflow now has a new activity with seven records management actions designed to automate records management functions, minimizing the Records Manager’s workload.

With the new changes in Laserfiche 10.4 giving Workflow the ability to manage records, what can it do?

The new Set Records Management Properties activity is in the Workflow toolbox within the “Laserfiche Actions” group. Simply drag the action to the designer canvas and configure the action properties.

Below are examples of the seven available records management actions in the activity:

1. Set filing date

2. Set Event date

3. Cutoff

4. Set Retention Schedule

5. Add Hold

6. Remove Hold

7. Assign Cutoff Instruction

What are Holds and how can workflow help?

A Hold, formerly called “Freeze,” is used to mark a record from being disposed of during normal Records Management. The record still exists in the Records Management lifecycle but can’t be deleted.

Can Workflow take disposition actions on Records?

Laserfiche Workflow is not allowed to dispose of records; either deletions or accessions. This should always be managed and completed by the Records Manager, so that they can be sure of a proper disposition.

Thank you, Kyle! We always appreciate your timely updates and insight on the newest functionality available from Laserfiche.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s discussion with Kyle and are excited to now have the ability to apply Records Management properties to your folders and documents. If you have any questions or would like more information on how to use the tools discussed today, be sure to contact the CDI consulting team for further assistance.

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