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Consultant's Corner: How to migrate a repository user to Laserfiche Directory Server (LFDS)

With the proliferation of web-based Laserfiche products, Laserfiche has implemented an authentication system called Laserfiche Directory Server, or LFDS, for short. It gives Laserfiche administrators the ability to configure a Laserfiche user to be able to login with a Laserfiche seat license, like a Full User or Participant User, to multiple applications across multiple servers. This first started in Laserfiche RIO, and is now seen in Laserfiche Avante systems, as well.

With Avante, most users, if not a Windows user, are created as “Repository Users”. This repository account allows a user to login to one repository. And, usually, they have been given a Full Named User license.

So, what happens when you want that Repository User to be set up in LFDS? Here are the steps needed. It should be noted that this scenario is not for a Windows user.

There are four main steps:

A. Decommission the Repository user in Laserfiche Administration Console

B. Update the LFDS Application with the new Full license count.

C. Create the LFDS User

D. Add the LFDS User back into the repository in Laserfiche Administration Console

Decommission the Repository user in Laserfiche Administration Console

1. In the Laserfiche Admin Console, navigate to the Users and Groups > Repository Users.

2. Open the properties of the desired user (trustee).

3. Change the Repository Named User: box to False, which will free up a license.

4. Click OK to save the changes.

Update the LFDS Application with the new Full license count

5. Next, navigate to the LFDS site. On the server itself, there will be a desktop icon.

6. Navigate to the Applications tab

7. Select the Laserfiche Server application in the list.

8. Expand the Server listing (1) and then click Edit (2).

9. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Advanced Options.

10. Scroll down to the Full repository named user box, and enter the number of Full Named Users you are adding back in. If you are just adding one user, type the number 1.

11. The Remaining Licenses box will change the count of Full licenses to match the allocation. If LFDS and the Laserfiche Server are on the same machine, the Full User count will synchronize almost immediately. Therefore, if you decommission a Full user license as you did in Step 3, the available licenses remaining will stay at 0 or greater.

12. Press the Save button to update LFDS with the new allocation of licenses.

Create the LFDS User

13. Navigate to the Accounts tab and click on the +Users button, then select Laserfiche User.

14. Enter the User Information, where the Username is the actual name that this Laserfiche user will need to type in.

a. Make sure to assign a password (you’ll retype it)

15. Under the License tab, select the license type, which in our example will be Full License.

16. Scroll down and press the Finish button when done, checking to make sure that your Remaining licenses count is at least 0, if not a positive number. If you see a negative number, you will not be able to proceed.

Add the LFDS User back into the repository in Laserfiche Administration Console

17. Navigate back to the Laserfiche Administration Console and open the Users and Groups node, then select Laserfiche Directory Accounts.

18. Right-Click on the Laserfiche Directory Accounts node and choose New Laserfiche Directory Account.

19. Add the newly created LFDS Laserfiche account in the box by clicking on the (...) button on the far right. This will open the Object Selector.

Note: You will want to set Authentication to Trust and possibly also give the user Rights in the tab at the top.

20. Type in the name of the new Laserfiche account in the Query box (1), then press Find Now (2).

21. Select the name in the results box (3) and press OK (4).

22. Then press OK at the bottom of the new user dialog box to save this account to the repository.

23. Have the user try to login to Laserfiche from their workstation to confirm they are getting authenticated through LFDS now.

You have now completed the migration of the user!

If you have any questions regarding Laserfiche Shortcuts or wish to speak with a CDI professional team member, contact us at

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