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Laserfiche 10.3 Coming Soon

Watch for the upcoming release of Laserfiche 10.3, this release will be available through the Cities Digital Support team soon. This new update boasts many new features and solution enhancements that will improve user experience and efficiency.

Some of the new features for the Web Client and Windows Client are listed below.

  • Simultaneous Co-authoring of Microsoft Office Documents – Simultaneously edit Microsoft Office documents in a repository with the Laserfiche Document Co-Authoring Host for Microsoft Office. This feature does require access to an Office Online Server, in addition to the Laserfiche Document Co-Authoring Host.

  • Multi-Value Field Group Names – Configure group names for multi-value field groups, the group names will display in the web client group names. This feature is supported in Quick Fields 10.3, Quick Fields Scanning 10.3, and Laserfiche Scanning 10.3

  • Localized Template, Tag, and Field Names – Administrators can use the new Language Tab when viewing template, field and tag properties to configure translated display names for template names, field names, and tags.

  • Redaction Reasons – Administrators will now be allowed to define a set of redaction reasons, then when a user applies a redaction one of the reasons may be selected from the list. The selected reason will then be available to all users viewing the document.

  • Folder Browser Filtering Options – Additional filter options are available from the right-click options of the folder browser column headings.

  • EML Email Format Support – EML email messages are now supported in the web client, allowing users to take full advantage of features previously only available for MSG email messages.

  • Email Pane Preview – View both MSG and EML email messages in the folder browser preview pane.

This is just some of what is coming. Stay tuned for the official release in early 2018..

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