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Laserfiche April Updates

There are always new updates and announcements from Laserfiche and their products. We like our clients to be up to date and knowledgeable with everything Laserfiche. Enjoy this month’s Laserfiche update and check in occasionally since updates are always coming in.

Laserfiche is Integrating with Adobe Sign

All self-hosted customers can expect an Adobe Sign integration to be added to the Laserfiche Business Process Library. Laserfiche can make digital signature requests using Adobe Sign for any automated process. With more than 8 billion transactions processed from millions of signers around the world, Adobe Sign can fulfill your digital signature needs.

Adobe Sign follows industry-standard security practices that protect documents, data, and personal information. Adobe e-signatures are legally valid and enforceable in nearly all industrialized countries in the world.

The new integration will be found when choosing Design in self-hosted Laserfiche Forms. It will be named ‘External Signature with Adobe Sign’ in the category Design Patterns. This process is expected to be available for self-hosted Laserfiche in March 2021 and in Laserfiche Cloud in Q2 2021.

New Features on Laserfiche Cloud

In Q2, several new feature and administration updates are planned for Laserfiche Cloud. Those new features include:

Microsoft Teams Integration: Save and share Laserfiche documents from directly within the Teams app to improve collaboration and compliance with governance policies.

Process Automation Security Controls: Manage user and team permissions to view or design assets across Process Automation.

File Sets: Configure a set of relevant files for process participants to submit or act on as part of a business process. This is useful in processes like new account opening where a specific set of files needs to be uploaded, reviewed, or signed by an applicant.

Accessible from the home dashboard view, monitor a variety of process metrics in one summary view to keep track of active process and task statuses, such as in-progress, suspended, overdue and completed.

Expanded Admin Control for Active Business Processes: Keep processes running smoothly with actions to skip, retry and interrupt tasks, as well as the ability to modify in-progress variable values to correct mistyped or missing input data.

Just-in-Time User Provisioning: Simplify user licensing by allowing new users to automatically be created and assigned licenses upon first login.

User permissions group mapping: Streamline user administration by mapping SAML identity provider groups or Windows groups with groups defined in Laserfiche.

Data Caching for Third-Party App Connections: Improved user experience with faster form load times when pulling data from Salesforce, Redtail, Dynamics 365 and Ellucian Banner.

Announcing the Laserfiche Trust Center

Laserfiche wants to provide more information related to Laserfiche Cloud security. To do so, Laserfiche is launching the Laserfiche Trust Center. This is where clients will be able to find detailed security, compliance, reliability, and privacy related information about Laserfiche Cloud.

To learn more, click on the link below:


If you have any questions regarding Laserfiche or wish to speak with a CDI professional team member, contact us at

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