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May I Please Have Access? - Setting Nested Access for Users

Laserfiche CDI Fiche Tips Blog

By Kyle Knebel

May 2024 Consultants Corner

In the Laserfiche repository, Laserfiche supports the use of explicit or inherited folder rights. With a nested folder structure, where there are several folders within folders, security can be easily designed for maximum security. Laserfiche folder security is very flexible and has some default settings that make security effortless. And when you need to get more sophisticated, that is pretty easy, too!

Let’s take a look!

First, let’s get familiar with the Entry Access dialog box. You can get this to pop open by right-clicking on a folder and selecting “Access Rights…” In the Web client, you would use the “Show Security” choice.

CDI Laserfiche

One of the first items to look for is the “Inheritance” switch. At the bottom left, the check box is defaulted to “Inherit rights from parent and include with specified rights”.  This tells Laserfiche to use the security from the folder above it. Any Groups or Users with access to the folder one level above this folder will also have access to this folder.

CDI Laserfiche

With Inheritance, security flows down through the folder structure. Even if new sub-folders are created, the same security is automatically applied to them.


In fact, if Inheritance is turned on for several nested folders, the security settings may even possibly be coming from the folder levels above!


This feature makes it super easy to apply security to nested folders. As you can see in the example below, the security on the “Level 3” folder is actually inheriting from the “Access Please” folder level, which is three folders up the nested structure!

CDI Laserfiche

Note: if you deselect the Inheritance check box on a folder, you have to re-assign User or Group access manually.


This concludes this month’s review of nested folder security.  We hope you found this tip informative and useful!

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