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Consultant's Corner: Laserfiche's Microsoft Office Preview Service

This month’s Consulting Corner focuses on Laserfiche’s new Microsoft Office Preview Service; available in the Laserfiche Web Client. We sat down with Kyle Knebel, Software Trainer, here at CDI, to give us the quick run-down on this new feature.

Kyle, how do you use the Laserfiche Office Preview Service?

There are two ways to preview Microsoft Office documents in the Web Client. The first method allows you to display the document in the document viewer. The second method allows you to display it in the folder browser preview pane (formerly called the “Unified Metadata pane”).

Method #1: Display Document in Document Viewer

  • Select the document you want to preview

  • Expanded the folder browser preview pain, select Preview

  • Click, Show Preview

Method #2: Display Full Document in Folder Browser Preview Pane

  • Click on the document name hyperlink.

  • Typically, another browser tab will open, allowing you to view the Office document

*If you need to edit the file, select the Edit With button near the top right corner

Do you need to setup the Office Preview Service in the Web Client?

No, there is nothing to setup or configure for the Office Preview Service; it is part of the Laserfiche 10.4 Web Server.

Do you need a Microsoft Office Online account or an Office installation to preview documents?

No, there is no need to have an account on Microsoft Office Online, nor do you need an existing installation of Microsoft Office on your computer.

A new feature in the Laserfiche Office Preview Service allows users to create Office documents directly in the repository without needing to first create them externally and import them. What types of Office documents can be created using the Laserfiche Office Preview Service?

You can create three Microsoft Office document types:

  1. Microsoft Word

  2. Microsoft Excel

  3. Microsoft PowerPoint.

What are recommended best practices when creating documents using the Office Preview Service?

There are a couple steps I like to take to make my life easier when using Office documents in the Web Client, especially when I need to edit them.

Step #1

I first add two icons to my Toolbar; the Check-Out Document and the Check-In Document buttons. They dynamically activate when you select an Office document. When the file is not yet checked out, the “Check Out” button is only visible. When the file is already checked out, the “Check In” button is only visible. How cool is that?

Step #2

After I create a new blank Office document, I use these toolbar icons to open the document. It is a Best Practice to use the Check-Out/Check-In feature so that you don’t lose edits if your computer becomes disconnected from the Laserfiche Repository.

Are there any caveats to using the Office Preview Service that users should be aware of?

Excel files will usually display only the first “worksheet” of the document, if possible. Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint previews will show the first 4-5 pages/slides. And, if you have generated text on any of these documents, the text will be displayed in the preview pane.

Thanks, Kyle! As you can see, the new easy to use Microsoft Office Preview Service has some impressive and true time saving features. If you have questions or would like more information on this tool, contact the experts on the CDI consulting team for further assistance.

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