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Important Laserfiche 11 Self-Hosted Updates

2022 Laserfiche 11 Updates

Laserfiche has released an overview of upcoming features for self-hosted clients. The updates include the Laserfiche API server, new Forms enhancements, and improved support for automating installations and upgrades.

Summary of important updates:
  • Laserfiche is actively working on self-hosted upgrades and some of the following features will be released throughout 2023

  • Forms designer updates will include JavaScript

  • Shared calendars and Forms holiday support, add files to a form from the repository

  • Environmental promotion features

  • DirectShare folder and password updates, soon availability for Avante

  • Forms Auditing - requires Forms Professional

  • Admin pages to support Single Sign-on

  • Enterprise Deployment Guide is forthcoming

  • SCIM support for Azure AD (already for Okta) - Auto user access provided to the directory server

  • Laserfiche 11 Forms layout designer/drag/drop forms pieces enhancements

  • Dynamic Field Rules, no scripting required

  • Dynamic Rules for Regex for Forms Fields

  • Add Windows Groups directly to Forms Groups

  • Delete abandoned draft forms feature

  • Direct approval buttons in emails with action buttons forthcoming

  • New deployment toolkit, support for upgrading an existing system, UI wizard for creating configuration files

Dynamic Field Rules and Conditions
  • Set based on other field values

  • Required fields

  • Disabled/enabled fields, pagination, and action buttons

  • Field value validation

  • Conditions based on multiple field values

  • No scripting required

  • Directly through the UI without external libraries

  • Validations and requirements managed on the backend

Forms Layout Designer Customization

Easier customization:

  • JavaScript support

  • Append choices to lookup results for dropdown

  • Accept barcode scan for single line and number field

  • Support using variable for number/currency/date/time/geolocation default value

  • Specify row labels for table fixed number of rows

  • Pagination and search for large tables and collections for easier end-user experience

Other Laserfiche Cloud parity or new features such as:

  • Payment gateway

  • Image preview for uploaded images

  • Default signature for submitters

  • The text above in a field Bulk applies a CSS class to multiple fields

Forms Layout Designer - File Sets
  • Store content directly in the repository when processes are ongoing

  • Directly reference existing content

  • Avoid duplication/missed records classification

  • Correctly manage retention rules and considerations for content in active processes

Direct Share is Getting More Flexible
  • Increase share transaction up to 1GB+

  • Increase share expiration by up to 30 days

  • Share entire folders as ZIP files

  • Support coming for Avante

Laserfiche API Server
  • REST-based repository endpoint

  • Follows the same requirements as SDK for licensed connections

  • Available at no cost as a stand-alone download for existing Laserfiche 11 customers

  • How-to guides

  • Examples

  • Libraries

  • Developer Community

Features in Laserfiche API
  • Retrieve entry listings

  • Read metadata

  • Export documents

  • Execute searches

  • Create folder structures

  • Write metadata

  • Import documents

Deployment Toolkit
  • Initial administrators, repositories, and sites are all created

  • Directory server, Laserfiche server, forms, Laserfiche web client, and audit trail

  • Forms portal distributed to the correct machine

Deployment Toolkit Application Connections
  • To email server

  • To repository

  • Between forms and workflow


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