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Adding a Windows Active Directory User to Laserfiche Directory Server (LFDS)

By Kyle Knebel

This month, we will look at how to add a new Windows user through Laserfiche Directory Server (LFDS) after purchasing one or more additional full licenses.

As you expand your Laserfiche system, you may find that you need to add additional Laserfiche users. Having submitted your purchase order for new licenses, you should be able to ‘Renew’ your LFDS licensing site’s Master License within a day or two. This action tells LFDS to query Laserfiche for any new licensing that was purchased. This ‘Renew’ action will update your LFDS system with any new license(s).

Renewing the LFDS Licenses

LFDS is accessible from the server via a link in the Windows Start menu, or you can use a web browser and navigate to the LFDS website. The site URL is usually HTTPS://{servername]/LFDS.

In the LFDS site, click on the Settings tab (in between Applications and Audit Options)

Under the General tab, you will see a ‘Renew Primary License’ hyperlink in the Primary License section. Press the hyperlink, and LFDS will automatically add those new user licenses you just ordered and query Laserfiche corporate headquarters for the latest information.

Adding a User to LFDS (and to the repository)

If a Windows Active Directory (AD) user has been granted a named Full user license in LFDS, they can use that license to sign into any repository in the system. This account will only take up one user license.


In LFDS, navigate to the Accounts tab.

a.) Click the “+ Users button and select “Windows Active Directory User” to add the Windows User or Group account.

b.) Ignoring the Organization drop-down, click on the Register directory user(s) button on the far right.

c.) Search for Users or Groups in your Active Directory domain. For example, if you search for an AD Group, you can add all those members. Then selectively remove some of the members, if not all, who will be using Laserfiche before finishing the process.

d.) For Users or Groups, click on a single entry in the Search results pane to add it to the list of added users. Or search for all the required users and groups, and then press Add All. This will add that user or set of users to the Added Users list.

e.) Press OK at the bottom when ready to add them to LFDS.

Note: Registering a user in Directory Server does not automatically add that account to your Laserfiche repository. Suppose a Windows Active Directory user has been registered in a Directory Server licensing site (LFDS) but has not been granted access to the repository. In that case, they will not be able to sign in. You will also need to give that user access to your Laserfiche repository(s) in the LF Admin Console.

f.) In the appropriate server, open the LF Admin Console of the applicable repository(s), then navigate to the Users & Groups node, and add the account as a Windows Accounts entry. Set their Authentication as “Trust: allow access.” Then assign their Rights as you would for any other user or group.


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