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DocuSign Integration - v4.0.0

Updated: May 21, 2020

Integration Update:

DocuSign Integration v4.0.0


  • DocuSign SSO Accounts are now supported by the Desktop and Web Client Integrations.

  • Envelope History tab in the Web Client displays the full audit data of the associated DocuSign Envelope for the selected document.

  • DocuSign Envelopes can be edited from the Laserfiche Desktop and Web Clients.

Benefit(s) & Advantages

  • The integrations now offer more flexibility when authenticating to DocuSign. Users are able to sign in with either DocuSign Credentials or a federated DocuSign SSO account.

  • Users are able to view envelope history information directly within the Laserfiche Web Client.

  • Additional template field configurations provide more flexibility when sending envelopes from the Laserfiche Desktop or Web Clients.

If you have additional questions about this or any other CDI software update, please contact

If you are interested in learning more about the DocuSign/Laserfiche integration and how it can help streamline your office, contact us at

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