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Even Laserfiche Forms Gets Time-Off

Laserfiche CDI Consultant's Corner Blog

By Kyle Knebel

July 2023 Consultants Corner

Setting up shared calendar usage for Holidays in Laserfiche Forms

In Laserfiche Cloud, when using an activity in Laserfiche Forms that allows you to “Exclude weekends and holidays,” Forms uses any Holidays configured in the Forms Settings. They are not configured by default. Configuring your Work Schedules and Holidays within the Forms system is highly recommended. This configuration is only found in Laserfiche Cloud. On-Premise Forms does not use Work Schedules or Holidays at the time of writing of this article.

So how does one go about setting up Holidays in Forms?

First, you’ll want to use the Application Picker (the waffle-looking icon at the top right) and select Process Automation.

Laserfiche Forms

Select the “Settings” tool from that screen, as shown below.

Laserfiche Forms

Highlight the “Holidays” option on the left, then use the “Click here to create a holiday” link to create a single holiday. Or press the “Import” button to add a few pre-built holidays.

Laserfiche Forms

Enter a new Holiday name if it is not found in the list of Holidays that you can “Import.”

Laserfiche Forms

When creating your custom Holidays, you can define the most common ways they can occur. For example, the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday of November. Other holidays occur on an exact date. Weekends can be ignored, as well.

Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche Forms

And any Holiday can be edited after it has been created. Usually, this would be to toggle the “Observed” status to off. Holidays can be deleted, as well.

Laserfiche Forms

This concludes our brief overview of how to add shared holiday calendars in Laserfiche Forms.

Have a Great Paperless Day from CDI!

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