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What's New in Laserfiche 10.4

The release of Laserfiche 10.4 offers improvements that make working with documents simpler than ever. The update includes modifications to MS Office document handling, map locations, records management, and more. Here are just a few examples of how Laserfiche 10.4 can improve your workplace:

Microsoft Office Documents

A convenient new feature in Laserfiche 10.4 is allowing users to access Microsoft Office documents easily from the Laserfiche Web Client document viewer or folder browser preview pane. This new document preview service is available to users without needing an MS Office online account or installation.

Another new MS Office feature enables users to create office documents directly from Laserfiche, eliminating the need to produce the documents externally and import it separately.

Map Locations

Are you looking to link mapped locations to files in Laserfiche? Well, now you can! Laserfiche 10.4 allows users to associate documents or folders to a location on Google maps, Esri cloud maps, or Esri on premises maps. The GPS coordinates and location descriptions are available for each point. The information displays in the details portion of the folder browser or document viewing window. Users can also perform a search using the location.

Flexible Records Management

New updates to Laserfiche Records Management enable users to gain increased organizational flexibility with records without compromising security or compliance. Changes include cut-off, the time or event that signals Laserfiche a record in retention and retention policies can now be assigned directly to entries in the repository.

The ability to place holds on any entry in the repository, regardless of its record status, is another new feature. Users can assign a single hold or multiple. They can also include a name and due date allowing for quick retrieval of documents. Administrators can quickly view entries with holds on the management page.

Web Client Updates

The latest improvements are making the Laserfiche Web Client more user-friendly. Some of these changes include:

  • Folders are displayed in color when a template is applied. The document templates appear along the side of the document name.

  • The save or update button, now closer to the action completed, is easily visible when the user makes changes in the document viewer.

  • The new name for the metadata tab is called "Details" and can be minimized or rearranged as desired by users.

  • And, you are now able to view media files without leaving the Laserfiche document viewer.

While this article highlights some of the changes and new features available with the Laserfiche Windows and Web Client, be sure to check out the Laserfiche support site for additional information.

If you are interested in updating your Laserfiche System, please contact the CDI Support Team or fill out Update Request Form to get access to all the latest features.

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